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Host expresses the kind of love to love dog
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When raising a dog sometimes you can not become aware the expression that discovers a dog or its bearing is very lovely, at this moment the love that you think to show you, how should be you conveyed? It is a few simple kinds shine below a few kinds of methods of your love.

(1) touchs the head that loves a dog, basically major dog can understand this is you are in like it to be very fond of it.

(2) is touched or flinch gently the bosom that loves a dog, compared with fair dog likes such doting on more for bitch it!

(3) flinchs gently with finger the chin that loves a dog is mental.

(4) gently flinch the ear heel that loves a dog.

How does warm safety hold a dog in the arms are you met?

(5) knocks the back after after hitting those who love a dog, be carried on the back or flinching gently gently.

(6) has the dog of the tail to want to comb a tail to catch a tail gently to the dog.

(7) uses your left hand and right hand, put the hand after each back and abdomen period of time, it can feel very comfortable.

If you show the method of above to express your love to your dog, your love dog understands you to still can feel very glad not only.

Love dog also can is opposite for him expression master faithfulness and acknowledgment, it can extend its tongue to want to buy master control, at this moment ten million wants to remember, do not lick you to avoid it procurable and receive turn around and stretch out one's hand to perhaps berate a dog aloud, ten million wants to avoid.

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