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The summer that raise a dog wants watchful matter
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Summertime air is humid, climate is burning hot, should notice bromatoxism of sunstroke prevention, moistureproof, precaution. The dog is in air temperature is high, in the environment with big humidity, because body is hot it is difficult to send out, suffer heatstroke extremely easily. For this, should avoid to leave an activity in burning sun, the dog is abandoned should set in shady and cool place, torrid weather often should have cold water bath for the dog. Discover tall, heartbeat quickens difficulty of canine occurrence breath, Piwenzeng when waiting for a symptom, answer to use head of cold compress of wet cold towel at once, move shady and cool and ventilated place, ask vet to treat instantly. To prevent moisture, should change frequently, bask in the matting content such as mat disgrace frequently, after rinsing a dog to abandon with water, must wait for thorough airing rear can eat a dog, should be wiped in time to work with towel by the dog after rainwater is wringing.

The food of summertime dog is Yi Faxiao, degenerative, cause bromatoxism easily. Accordingly, the grain that feed a dog must be measured proper, not due and odd. Every tons of food taking surplus should arrive stoutly, cannot be afraid of waste and continue to employ.

Because the likelihood in degenerative food contains bacterial toxin, although high temperature is handled,destroy its impossibly also. The dog ate to contain the food of toxin, can cause bromatoxism, if treat not seasonable conference,die. Reason is fed every time after feeding before long, if discover the dog has vomiting, diarrhoea, feeble symptom wants the whole body immediately cure.

Summertime air temperature is high, the attention waters clean. Additional, answer to often notice to clean eye and ear, prevent skin eczema.

Well-known, dog and person are different, canine skin does not have sweat gland, can rely on to breathe will major heat quickly only by oral cavity eduction, the heat of little part is filled up by the foot with a few sweat fluid eduction. So the dog is in high temperature, tall wet below the action that reachs intense sunshine, airframe metabolism is exuberant, produce heat much, medicinal powder heat is little, heat is accumulated inside body, can cause meningeal hyperaemia and function of central nervous system disorder.

The claw of dog letting a dog can contact the ground directly, when heating up, should not put in basket as far as possible very much.

Sweltering expression: Temperature rises quickly, can achieve 40.5 ℃ , breathe rapid development to come breath is difficult, systemic height is anoxic, mucous membrane of eye conjunctiva, oral cavity and tongue show bricky red, then darkly is purple. Because meningeal hyperaemia reachs cerebral damage to cause grow in quantity of fluid of cerebral spinal cord, head to press,lift, the dog appears only systemic sex convulsion, pop-eyed, walk flabby, fall down suddenly, systemic tic, limb assumes natant posture, the mouth sheds Bai Mei, if be treated not in time,can die because of lobar oedema, heart failure.
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