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Think the dog dog with you makes game?
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With his pet game can make good relationship is established between we and pet. The toy is the main component in these game. These game can divide for the following 3 kinds:

A) " shake game "- - the dog will be held and shake an object.

B) " angle game "- - the dog will chase after the object that chases a few shift.

C) " power play "- - the test that effective amount contains in this kind of game

These game imitated a series of behavior catching hunt of canine ancestor. We are right of the dog of some breed or type taking exercise is for aggrandizement its this kind of competence, in order to make its do a few specific works for the mankind, for example, hold a prey, depasture or beefeater.

To pet dog, we can discover these their competence in its amuse oneself. Grow ear gundog and sheperd dog to like angle for example game and hold migration to make fun of; Beefeater the dog likes " force " game; And gundog likes to shake, drag object. Every dog differs somewhat to the be fond of of game. Like assorted as to your dog? The game of appearance needs to rely on experience to judge.

Canine host should undertake controlling to canine amuse oneself. It is very important that this establishs good relationship to young dog and host. When collective amuse oneself, it is OK that host should put the toy should put the toy in young dog the place of get at. Should be you is the dog will decide game assorted? Moment begins, assorted? Moment ends. For example, when playing tug-of-war game, should let young dog know to take out a toy to state game begins. Express toy replace to game ends, although it drags your dress or finger,also cannot receiving play.

Amuse oneself can make long good relationship is established between person and dog. Toy and game also can be used to the action that a few need urge award. So if the dog hears you call come over instantly, can do a little game to serve as award with it. Amuse oneself also can make the dog knows its located in the mankind place. Can pass enjoy a few power with the dog model it is OK that game consolidates the host in regnant position of the mankind should win most victory mandatory the ground puts away the toy. In amuse oneself while the dog that undertakes you reach you training is opposite has profit.

The toy of common ideal is by safety durable balata is made, make your pet develops their natural skill adequately, its are happy boundless.

Frame ball- - this is a kind of muti_function toy, use at:

1) hold migration to make fun of: The special appearance of this kind of ball makes its are held very easily by the dog.

2) angle game: The scroll of this kind of ball, bounce without the rule but abide, this makes the dog judges a ball to be able to stop in where hard.

3) power play: This kind of ball has special figure, can use at tug-of-war game.

Tensile implement- - use at " force " game, for example tug-of-war game:
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