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The dog dog that lets you seventy-two metamorphoses
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Want to let dog dog become the spokesman of tide, clip but among them a serious content, because excellent clip technology is OK,show their advantage protruding come. We often can be in what all sorts of lady dogs see in TV to be become by clip by wool sheep form, lion body, very lovely. Make different model to dog dog, make pet baby is done more easily, they also are met because of outside change have self-confident heart more, more congenial.

This has very much on the bub of lens desire calls Kabujinuo, it can be the star in this pet shop. Except it is frisky, did not allow you to still think it is a bear of toy plush cloth really. Actually, exterior grace, constitution is pretty it is a kind so-called " Tai Dixiong " Gong Guibin dog. At the outset, look for Rangkabujinuo more like Tai Dixiong, beautician can expend many kongfu, help it do model every day. Of course, the dog dog of every breed is become by clip why to plant modelling is to have cultured very much. (interview pet beautician Li Xinghua to be divided into two kinds of matches commonly model with pet model pet if occasionally the guest can ask where I want how where how can he design very handsome model to satisfy a client with respect to the working experience according to beautician but

This is making luck of accept of snow of formative handsome young man is not general pet dog, play the game technically however, the pay nature that so it gets is different. (interview pet beautician Li Xinghua it is the dog that the match uses it every chapel should be done arrange every chapel to because a chapel does not arrange its mixed and disorderly wool to come out with respect to chairman,should be arranged again many chapel (do not arrange) compare not

Come of the haircut in pet beauty parlour " frequenter " summer of dog of Na Rui having snow, honoured guest, York, can get stuck etc, if do not do hairdressing, their luxuriant long hair is met knot, beauty also can sell at a discount greatly. Make gift of perfect facial expression only " beautiful sufficient 100 minutes " , the person sees the person loves. Taking them everywhere go for a walk, let everybody " Jing is colourful " , make pet parent face round. Today, miss Sun made a model with respect to the baby that taking his. (interview Miss Sun it here be shave became thin when growing here becoming warped entirely very strange look look very bloodless the sort of very dingy feeling cannot give it to bathe to want to accomplish cleanness to cannot bathe every day again again every day very much for dog dog so very troublesome and only way is

Every come to summer, pet shop " haircut " the business always is very prosperous, pet of a suit hairy is cut went hair, can immediately relaxed and cool a lot of. But dog dog host is in dog dog " beautify hair " when, also cannot follow one's inclinations. (interview pet beautician Jiang Yu瑄 person of summerly All Souls'Day likes a dog dog to pour shave he feels dog dog does not have sweat gland on body of itself of hot dog dog very much you pour it shave it or heat up it only mouth and sole have sweat gland so
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