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Raise enjoy dog to want what to appliance use?
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The appliance that raise a dog points to act with what will control a dog or raise the appliance that go up. Include general dog is provided and special dog is provided. Special dog is provided include face-lifting and training appliance to wait again.

(one) necklace makes with leather and metal. Answer to undertake a choose and buy according to canine size.

(2) the tableware of tableware dog has eat a pot, feed dish with crib. Had better use aluminous, cast-iron or pottery and porcelain is made. Young dog uses feed implement for trigonometry taper, the head of young dog can be extended into collect feed, already sanitation does not waste feed again.

(3) appliance of whole wool of whole wool appliance is very much, but main is comb and brush.

1. comb: Xiong of ⒚ of Xing of encompass of Ke of J of Ping Zhen of branny brother's son of Peng of  of model of Jian of chart of San of fish hawk of fence of the aurelian border that lose Ju pulls  Meng Lin  of Zheng of  of buy of Dong of rotten banter of Sheng of low-lyingponding fade of bits of  of Zheng of  of っ of rotten Lei of Sheng of ∈ of lowing O of noise of harmonious of tool of ∶ Cong hand

2. brush: ⒆ casts Chen of cover of apricot of bless of ⒆ of ill K of apricot of moraine of raw meat or fish of  of Ta of discharge of び of humorous of  of Qin Du Bo stays in beauty of bless of ⒆ of  of Lai of D of copy of Jian of army chart of Lu of fish hawk of ⒔ of ⒛ Lai  again helmet of  of ㄍ of ⅲ of  of fall forward of  of chaste tree of this ⒒ page health dusk administer

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