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The dog that it is a dog opts the regulation of food
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Should abide by when choosing pet food for pet following a few regulation:

The age of pet and weight:

Phase of 3 life in pet lifetime (childhood period, manhood period and old age) needs nutrition is different. Cannot be born to be used firstly eventually absolutely same kind of recipe food, the weight that also should inspect pet at the same time will measure feed appetite, feed with avoiding to feed overmuch.

The diet with balanced nutrition:

The food with balanced and complete health is very important to pet. Overmuch or insufficient metropolis may cause harm. The balanced nutrition in food, include protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral, in order to promote the growth of skeletal, muscle and tooth. A lot of raise advocate the habit feeds pet to eat ort leftover, for example gallinaceous bone, flesh, rice is waited a moment. These things cannot provide needs balanced nourishment for pet at all.

Conceive the special food of pregnancy:

Be pregnant the feline dog in reaching lactation needs high-energy capacity, ability helps skeletal growth, feed next generation, because they are in,the quantity of heat of need of this phase place is common fourfold left and right sides.

The allergy of pet reacts:

Some pet are opposite very easily certain food is allergic, wait for protein allergy to beef, chicken for example and have skin itching, case auditive and next measles, vomiting, dysentery, aglow or drop the symptom such as wool. If pet has these symptoms to be about special attention, if the symptom lasts, best doctor following animal exchanges views convert the dermatosis prescription food of low irritability.

When changing pet provision, must mix old food with a few new food first with 7-10 day time, let pet get used to new feed slowly. The changeover of level sex is very important, host must have patience to this.

Fall ill or the pet of chronic should feed eat proper prescription food:

Vet division can open prescription food below certain and special situation, have heart disease, kidney for example too ill, liver disease, fat, diabetic wait for a disease or recover from an illness after art etc. These pet need special recipe, ability helps them recover at an early date and prolong life. After the animal falls ill or sufferring serious injury, function of body immunity force all suffers an effect greatly, affect the ability that pet recovers from an illness then. What observe the most easily is pet does not have appetite after fall ill or getting hurt (do not agree to eat thing) , musculature becomes loose break down, function of the organ inside body drops. Inside the convalescence that suffers from in disease, besides medicaments and cut outside taking care of, proper diet also meets those who affect pet recover from an illness speed. In fact, food is to decide pet whether the main index of heal. The water that you must want to ensure pet has clean at any time can be drunk (unless doctor limitation waters) , absorb proper nutrient at the same time.
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