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The pillow of pet dog and carry a shopping bag
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Afternoon, lie on rocking chair to basking, look at kitten doggie to roll in so old yard from the eye of narrow, Sa Huan, it is a cozy business indeed. In city family, court also is the main room that raises pet. You can be lain between in the one horn of court give a small vacant lot, let baby people amuse oneself.

The pillow of doggie appearance imagines the lovely appearance that lies in the pet that sleeps on such pillow! Besides make a pillow use, still can regard as toy.

Carry the pet suitcase of the canvas quality of a material with the modern handbag of pet. The bag of all directions form has the mesh shape fabrics with better permeability with two side in upper part, and with a bigger package, can load belt and small goods. Red pet bag is open model, the face of the doggie can be shown outside, and with safety belt in case the doggie jumps out. Had such handbag, go out together more convenient.

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