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How to pick a toy to dog dog 2
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When the dog the feeling accepts an obligation, vexed, when loneliness perhaps feels pressure, normally expression is the means that releases pressure a few have ruinous action. The toy can help a dog ease pressure, reduce a dog the possibility of ruinous behavior. If do not have a toy, the dog may go worry any things that can touch, shoe, book, even bed and chair.

The toy that chooses a proper size can help your dog waste partial energy. Some toys may be appropriate still to the doggie, after but become,the doggie is brought up, the likelihood appears lesser, should be discarded. Wait for young toy like small balata ball, may be swallowed by grown dog pharynx goes down or card is in throat. Discard those toy fragments and already by lacerate toy.

The dog also likes varied toy, sometimes you need to prepare 4, 5 toys, and the toy with weekly different take turns. Such meetings make your pet is full of interest. If your pet likes some very much toy, had better not replace this toy so.

The worry that has aggressiveness may bite the toy asunder, and the fragment may block the throat in pet in, cause the death of pet even. Have the pet of intense aggressive worry, should give it a few vulcanite or nylon goods compares durable and not easy crunch toy. The pet that has half aggressive worry won't bite the toy asunder, but of meeting aggravate toy wear away, can give them a few canvas or toy of wool cloth with soft nap. These toys are softer, not easy by lacerate. The pet that does not have aggressive worry behavior can give them toy of a few soft balata.

When the pet that gives you when you buys a new toy, should see its response to new toy. If it desperately worry this toy, and this toy bears fruit not quite, easy by lacerate, so you should take away this toy in time, and go buying a stronger and a few more durable toy to give it.

The toy is made by different material, have different durable sex. So, before buying a toy to your pet when you, need understands the habit of the worry of your pet, and the toy with proper and durable choice gives it.

Polyethylene and emulsion toy compare softness commonly, and be made become all sorts of color. Some can give out the noise of Zhi Zhi even, make a toy more interesting. These toys are general comfortable the dog that is used to without aggressive worry at those.

Balata and nylon toy are more durable, apply to those dog amuse oneself that worry habit spends in having. Regular meeting of classics of this kind of toy above make a hole, compare when the dog amuse oneself that likes worry when those so interesting.

Rope toy is by nylon or cotton simple stuff is made commonly, apply to the dog that worry habit spends in having. The dog that drags game to those jubilation that procrastinate especially is very useful, and this is planted not soft the tooth that not strong character still conduces to a dog is healthy.
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