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The toy can let the health of dog dog grow
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The toy is in the growing process of dog dog, it is a quite important thing, besides can let dog dog get from which happy, contented besides, more important is, want to let dog dog learn his to play a toy gradually, should lie alone when, won't because dull or be resent and destroy furniture.

From the dog begin when the dog is little, handle time alone with respect to what can give half an hour everyday, in this paragraph of time, him dog letting a dog plays a toy, when letting its habit be accompanied without the person should some behavior.

Dog dog comes in 5 lunar age between 9 lunar age, be worth period of grow permanent teeth, because this has masticatory demand particularly. The tooth that writes down so that observe dog dog grows state, timely give be able to bear or endure masticatory toy yields dog dog indulge in idle talk. The choose and buy is large canine toy, should notice a toy particularly be able to bear or endure bite degree, avoid to buy hollow, soft qualitative toy, if not chew swallows path of intestines and stomach, be about to be taken out with the means of surgical operation. Best the toy that can choose material to have tenacity, sincere character, as to petty cotton thread, cotton, metropolis the eduction of excrement and urine as dog dog.

In addition, dog letting a dog is in have friend of a few dogs in one's childhood, in the process that study and dog dog get along should some behavior, namely the socialization between doggery. Especially the relatively nervous or sensitive small-sized dog on individual character, if can be in,contact with genial large dog in one's childhood, many somes get along happily experience, can avoid to see large dog every time after be brought up, bark because of insecurity more than.

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