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How is the doggie afraid that the doorbell does?
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Have a lot of dogs, hear doorbell sound to be able to roar. How to let them give up is used to this? The key depends on making clear the reason that it roars. Be the response that hears doorbell sound, still be aware of the reaction that stranger comes. Differ according to the reason, takes step is different also.

If be noisy to doorbell sound reaction, you can let kin friend help, press noisy doorbell often, or be the dog gives doorbell sound collection to listen in tape. The doorbell wants one noisy dog to be about to cry only, the time is much, the dog also can bore. Gradually, when again the guest presses a doorbell, it also won't cry in disorder.

If be the reaction of pair of unfamiliar guests, be about to be in at ordinary times, let dog and varied person communication contact more, believe to also can be improved gradually.

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