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The fatigue signal of dog dog
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Lick oneself nose, change nervous mood

Dog dog is faced with suddenly high-strung when, to change oneself nervous feeling, can lick the nose that licks oneself. Additionally this kind of behavior still is used on the relation of processing and the other side.

"I can not think our relation is done be bungled! " " fasten life! " please quiet to come down! " such behavior rises to alleviate the indignant mood of the other side and the action that insecurity feels.

Gape, the means that uses oneself will remove nervous feeling

Cite a case, when you are teaching your dog dog, your word may annoy because of yours when time is a bit long, the dog that did not strand it seems that, hit yawn often suddenly. This is dog dog is turning " moves oneself intense sentiment. Its smell out among them smell of gunpowder, then, it wants to borrowing gape to tell host " calculated, calculated, rest meeting " .

Sit down, quiet to come down to observe

Dog dog sits darlingly over, make oneself quiet to come down on one hand, observe adversary carefully, also included on the other hand communicate to already excited adversary " my a bit does not have animosity, please quiet to come down " meaning.

Bend over below, lower a pose to express obedience

Lower a pose, state obedience compares the dog with him high position, expression " I won't violate you " meaning. When fear and when fearing, lower oneself body bend over even next expression are subject to with showing.

Had carried a face on the back, the back after using is developing you and be not being stood by is in evasive uneasiness and danger

You had had in to dog dog have a fit and forcibly diversionary when it, it has changed the body, and hind carry the experience to you on the back? This is it what insecurity changes the mood of the other side and make a kind of conduct to alleviate.

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