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Dog why Qing Meng of person of the faze in night?
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The friend that raises a dog knows, a few dogs that raise occasionally are very clever, won't bark to cry in disorder in disorder. But the dog that can come up against be perturbed of a few your people sometimes, every do not shine to begin to bark every day, be less than even 4, began to cry madly at 5 o'clock, besides make a noise oneself person wake besides, still disturb neighbour sometimes, annoyed someone else, affected neighborhood relation.

Actually, dog faze person Qing Meng is to eat nothing more than, pull or play, solved a problem it is frank. Want to change these bad habits so, want to make clear why it calls Hunan above all. After suggesting you will love dinner time move of the dog, come in the evening at 10 o'clock or controlled at 11 o'clock, be in after its meal after period of time, it is taken to go out inside about 30 minutes relieve oneself. Make dog won't feel in early morning abdomen is excessive and hungry and cry in disorder, adjust its habit in early morning relieve oneself at the same time. Still have even if notice to strengthen tone to teach, avoid family to be in as far as possible early morning and dog amuse oneself. If oneself cannot improve these bad habits really, that has idea to will love a dog send example dog school to teach period of time only!

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