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Pet marriage is loved view
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Some animals once after sterilization more disposition changes greatly, bring about because of sterilization operation even lost life... a variety of wrong ideas, become pet " diffuse seed " tool, cause roam about the damage that animal amount day increases. Those who feel pain still is animal itself, cherish animal personage to add an attention more truly please.

Mature cat dog also looks for a spouse

Many common raising in the pet that feeds four, dining-room or shop, great majority belongs to working animal, it is to say to raise a cat namely to catch mouse, lest mice destroys the thing of shop; Raise dog criterion for guard goods, avoid patronage of the person that enrol a thief. Animal of this kind of job, host takes its job ability to be a purpose, often ignoring them also is an animal, besides having life, still have the modes of life and relation to their environment with due animal, it is feline dog kind pet arrived one year old big when, arrived autumn, be equal to the mankind 18 years old or so, reason looks for spouse hybridization is its nature, prohibit forcibly or do not offer appropriate spouse, trouble of master it may be said is enrolled oneself,

Easy be lost of rut cat dog

Age the breed that two season are an animal period, also be the rut of dog of a year old of big cat, and frequency special frequency is close. The male cat dog of rut is met everywhere gush make water, bequeath odour in order to attract the opposite sex; Female meets those who give out acuteness bleat sound. Raise advocate if do not try to pay attention to, the feline dog of rut can go as the thing that contains opposite sex scent break, the feline dog that just has the opposite sex for example has gone beyond, or after having the guest patronage that raises pet, leave, can attract the feline dog of rut, subsequently and go, the feline dog that does not have sterilization so is very easy be lost, became roam about after the animal more meeting everywhere diffuse " seed " , this roams about namely the main reason that animal amount day adds.

Compulsive desire disposition changes greatly

If raise indoor household pet, although be lost opportunity is less, but the issue that place of the pet in rut brings, for example all around gush make water, midnight bleats or secrete all over particularly exuberant, mao Lvduo is oily, leather fat accumulates in tail or abdomen bottom mostly, dermatosis of as a result is fascicular wait, the question is great, trouble oneself already, kill bitter pet again. Add restrain pet forcibly copulatory desire, can make them more disposition changes greatly, become jumpier or often excited and excessive or the mood is uneasy.

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