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How does loose lion tell you he is ill?
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If have below all sorts of symptoms when, had to take care:
1. appetite is poor -- ― body is uncomfortable, appetite is poor.   
2. drive is poor -- ― is dead, lackadaisical.   
3. has a fever -- ― pathogen inbreaks, suffer heatstroke. - - >  
4. vomits -- ― stomach trouble, enteritis, constipation and toxic. If be only now and then spit, and spirit, appetite and relieve oneself are very normal, need not worry too.   
The dysentery below 5. -- ― sudden change food, virus of helminth, bacterium is invaded, allergic to food, allergic to a few insecticide with toxic. 6. Dehydration -- ― vomiting and diarrhoea and when moisture of prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the skin loses flexibility easily.   
7. fur is discrepant -- ― loses luster, drop wool, scurfy become much, cuticular and red burst, drama is urticant, have bump hypodermically or spot piece.   
8. cries for -- ― comes up against a certain place to cry, moan ceaselessly, do not have appetite and cry for ceaselessly.   
9. upset stomach -- ― stomach bowel bilges gas, intussusception, the stomach is turned round, eyewinker block, so painful that admire a head, dare not bend over below.   
10. breathes urgent, asthma, cough -- stricture of ― the upper respiratory tract, discrepant content, pneumonic gas water of oedema of swollen, lung, bosom, heart disease.   
Skin of 11. mucous membrane is cadaverous -- many and ― dehydrate, exsanguine or chronic long-term and exsanguine.   
12. mucous membrane, skin becomes yellow to become grey -- poison of disease of pathological changes of system of ― anaemia, immunity, courage, make water.   
13. limb oedema, the seeper inside hypodermic, abdomen -- ― is hidebound, liver, kidney, heart is sick.   
Fluid of 14. make water becomes angry -- ― thicken, the quantity is little likely moisture derive is insufficient. White is cloudy, have stone or agnail. Puce, even redness of skin, likelihood uric road stone or agnail.   
15. vagina has peculiar secretion -- the bitch oestrus with normal ― makes an appointment with two weeks, more than two weeks of above still have muddy the secretion of white or dark brown, uterus and bladder are sick.   
16. appetite ameliorates suddenly -- ― endocrine is discrepant.   
17. much make water, frequency is thirsty -- quantitative change of ― make water is big, the time becomes much, ceaseless and thirsty, uterine harbour pus or endocrinopathy.   
18. bearing move is unusual -- ― skeleton, muscle, joint is sick, or neurological unusual.

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