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Pet dog accident hurts the processing that kill
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Taking dog dog to go out to play is the thing with very glad dog making a person. But if outdoors encounters an accident, those who serve as host you must have some of common sense that answers a question, the love that just yields you possibly is bestowed favor on as soon as possible out of danger.

Accident one: Drown

If breath stops,dog dog drowns, answer to execute artificial breath immediately. Small-sized dog but rap bosom a few, or falling to carry dog having a dog switch of regressive left and right sides is controlled 10 times, make the same score it next put on the ground to observe its react, if did not restore breath, repeat afore-mentioned practices.

Accident 2: Suffer heatstroke

Air temperature is high or when humidity is big, because regular meeting of dog dog classics moves the amount is too large and suffer heatstroke. Its are behaved the foam that it is a mouth, unconscious. Usable ice cube or cold water drop in temperature to the body, send toward the hospital immediately.

Accident 3: Scald

Usable cold water or ice cube drop in temperature to scald place, like scald area relatively can the body make be counted however in whole water intrusion minute, dog waiting for a dog sends toward the hospital instantly after the mood is stable.

Accident 4: Traffic accident

The dog that be like a dog with insensible because of the accident, can try to pat the face that pats it to let it awake. If there is puke in the mouth, answer a dog body side direction at the same time, come out tongue drawing to breathe in order to ensure expedite. If have traumatic should seasonable and hemostatic, with fixed fracture place.

Accident 5: Inappetence

Dog dog is met sometimes inappetence, if do not have other symptom to appear, it is very normal also that dog dog does not have a thing one day, but if two days of above did not take food,should go to a hospital in time be being checked. If inappetence still has vomiting or diarrhoea at the same time, should be it a few water, do not take food in the day. Return bad word the following day, should send a hospital the examination. Take vomiting or excrement and urine to be checked in order to offer when necessary.

Accident 6: Convulsive
Come on when dog dog must not stand by when tic, be bitten in case. Usable rug is wrapping it to go to a hospital after the mood that wait for a dog is stable cure.

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