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Did the doggie get an electric shock how to do?
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Doggie shock getting an electric shock is much because bite be caused by of broken electrical wiring. Of electric home appliances

If you discover beloved doggie,had gotten an electric shock shock, should put out power source above all, go again next doggie of lay a finger on, after doggie shock getting an electric shock often urinary incontinence, this also shows it already was in dangerous level. Right now you should apply breathe artificially to it instantly. Do artificial breath to have two kinds of methods, if the dog is lesser when, can capture its two hind legs, flap with the hand dog, rhythm ground around swings, till its breathe,begin till, this is the reason that the weight that uses it makes lung contractive. Law of another kind of artificial breath is to make dog side lies, have rhythm land with the hand oppressive bosom, cause breath. Artificial breath undertakes half hours at least. After doing artificial breath, doggie still not come to, you should ask vet to check as soon as possible, diagnose it to whether die.

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