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The cure with enemy rat toxic natrium
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Enemy rat natrium, because its are right person cultivate noxiousness is low, safe, it is one of common poisonous rat remedy that at present promotion uses. Dan Rebao is in charge of not to be pooh-poohed, be fed secretly by cultivate birds or feed by accident all can cause toxic. The author ever encountered to viewed and admire a dog to feed rice of bait of enemy rat natrium secretly and produce toxic case, via adopting the integrated remedy that with inject vitamin K1 gives priority to, make this dog is obtained cure. Outlook report is as follows:

1, Lin Mou of hair sick condition raises to view and admire a dog, mother, age 2 years old, weight 8kg left and right sides. On December 21, 1998 morning, cultivate advocate inside oneself hare abandons the cloth on the ground to put love from the county appoint can send poisonous rat medicine bait. Because the door did not shut good, the bait of poisonous rat medicine that the dog goes in to put cloth the floor is fed secretly. >
That day afternoon 2 when hind, depressed of canine show spirit, happy event lies, do not feed, buccal foam, often have clonic convulsion or bleat appear. To afternoon 4 when, cultivate advocate invite Yu Qian toward make a diagnosis and give treatment. Via enquiring an analysis, preliminary examine is enemy rat natrium toxic.

2, clinical symptom has canine mind exceeding and exhausted, drink appetite is abandoned absolutely, the mouth sheds white foam liquid, happy event lie lazy move. Forcibly drive is poor, rhinal and dry, breath is hurried, temperature 38.5 ℃ . Suffer from a dog to often be behaved clonic rigidity convulsion, convulsive, at the same time give miserable sound to bleat. Roll flute of gnash one's teeth, margin of straight tongue system bites broken haemorrhage, laniary still appear glossal body thorn; Morrow, there is haemorrhage in place of conjunctiva of buccal film, gingival, eye skin of inside of dot, abdomen has spot of haemorrhage, stagnation of the blood; Hair of extreme of palpation drive body is cool, uric little bare is yellow, excrement and urine contains wine blood.

3, the county between diagnostic classics ask loves appoint the department of bait of poisonous rat medicine that can extend mixes with enemy rat natrium rice is made, link clinical performance, but preliminary think enemy rat natrium is toxic truly be caused by.

4, remedial principle is detoxify, the town still is spat, fluid infusion, antiphlogistic, stimulative stomach bowel excretes integrated remedy.

Vitamin of therapeutics of detoxify of 4.1 specially good effect K1 is enemy rat natrium medicines and chemical reagents of toxic and alexipharmic specially good effect, servantchoose a person for a job to be raised with 3-4 of VK11 milliliter ⅹ every time, flesh is noted, daily 2, successive 6-7 day.

4.2 towns still are spat stable 2 milliliter ⅹ 1, gastric answer installs 1 milliliter ⅹ 2, mixture flesh is noted, daily 2. Backsight circumstance but day-to-day decrease.
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