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The emergency treatment knowledge with toxic dog
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After the dog eats the fish of putrefaction, flesh, yoghurt and other food, because these degenerative food are medium,contain what plurality measures to be out of shape toxin of coccus of bacillus, grape, salmonella bowel toxin and toxin of bacterium of fleshy poison shuttle and cause toxic. Because degenerative fish has be out of shape the pollution of bacillus, cause protein to decompose, generation organizes amine. Constituent amine is toxic preclinical do not exceed 2 hours, the dog vomits suddenly, issue dysentery, breath is difficult, drivel is much, pupil comes loose big, in all aid is maladjusted, the dog may be insensible, hind human body is paralytic, put oneself in another's position is weak, blood in the urine, black of excrement and urine. It is toxic and OK to treat rotten fish and meat C of vein or hypodermic dextrose, vitamin, hai Laming of benzene of to be taken orally, muscle or toxin of coccus of grape of hypodermic green toxin are toxic and OK cause acute gastroenteritis symptom, next ill dog vomiting, bellyacke, dysentery. Serious when occurrence breath difficulty, tic and convulsions. Use when cure urge spit, fluid infusion and treat to disease. When necessary can gastric lavage, clyster. The motility that poison of bacterium of fleshy poisonous shuttle causes a dog is paralytic, appear insensible, die even. The symptom of the dog when bacterium of fleshy poisonous shuttle is toxic and feed a quantity to concern. Earlier, muscle of ministry of cervical, shoulder is paralytic, appear gradually limb breaks down, unresponsive, pupil comes loose big, deglutition difficulty, salivary outflow, two ear are flagging. The eye sees more with conjunctivitis and cankerous sex keratitis. Finally because breathe paralytic and die. The course of diseases with toxic bacterium of fleshy poisonous shuttle is short, mortality is tall. Antitoxin injects instantly after coming on, vein or intramuscular injection. Treat gastric lavage of solution of potassium permanganate of usable 0.01 % to disease, cast take cathartic or clyster, vein infusion, intramuscular injection penicillin. The food that preventing this ill best method is a dog should be thoroughlied cook, cannot long put.

Destroy rat medicine is toxic

1.Antu kind destroy rat medicine is toxic. This is a kind puissant destroy rat medicine, white does not have stink crystallization powder, cause lung blood capillary is connected appear a gender to increase, plasma enters lobar tissue in great quantities, bring about lobar oedema. After the dog feeds a few minutes to come several hours, diarrhoea of foam of vomiting, mouth, then, cough, breath is difficult, mental depressed, can inspect mucous membrane cyanosis, nostril to pour out of spumescent redness of skin mucous. Hours the 10-12 after be being absorbed commonly is small appear insensible be addicted to sleeps, minority dies inside hour of the 2- 4 after absorbing. This is toxic without alexipharmic of specially good effect, usable urge spit, gastric lavage, cathartic with diuretic method.
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