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The chocolate of feline dog is toxic disease
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The raise of feline dog advocate bestow favor on to amuse love happy, the food that likes to have a few people feeds them. There is a child in the home especially, often have a few chocolate candy that oneself take or ice-cream without difficulty to pet. Did not know to kill them because of this, because the cocoa in chocolate food is alkaline,have noxiousness to pet with coffeine. If the feline dog of every kilograms of weight makes an appointment with the milk chocolate of the bake chocolate that ate 1.3mg or 13mg, cause likely namely toxic. Toxic symptom basically expresses pet to vomit now, micturition grow in quantity, excessive and excited, asp, breath is hurried, frail with epilepsy, cause death even sometimes. So, at ordinary times avoid by all means feeds the food that contains chocolate feline dog, educational children does not give feline dog eat food at will. Feed chocolate by accident when feline dog and appear when toxic symptom, answer to send pet hospital cure instantly, do not get incur loss through delay.

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