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The knowledge of emergency treatment respect of the dog
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Take pet to go out to play glad of course, but in case did pet go out " state " how to do? So you are necessary to learn the knowledge of respect of emergency treatment of a bit pet.

   Traffic accident: You may see traffic accident soon in person or be to discover your dog has the sign that get hurt apparently or is game foot. At that time, if the word of need gives it to wrap up,go up, in case the condition of an injury is aggravating. The place that bleeding apparently oppresses with cold compress hemostatic, but should make sure dog dog is warm, comfortable on whole. Contact with vet immediately, in order to get more detailed guidance. Do not let dog dog lie on the ground alone.

   The eye gets hurt: Expression is dog dog an eye aches very suddenly or do not open all the time. You should search apparent eyewinker carefully, especially vitreous Cha, do them carefully next, also can clean an eye to it with clean hot water, develop the eyewinker. Do not put dog dog in too bright environment. Take it to watch vet next. If cannot go instantly go to a doctor, can drip in the eye to it a few medical olive oil regards emergency treatment as the method. Dog of prevention and cure rubs wounded eye with claw or use thing loiter eye.

   The foot is touched: If a large number of bloodshed, you should use linen or plumule goods rises its crural wrap up, use bandage closely tie up, generate a kind of pressure in claw periphery even. Cannot wrap up in order to use the data of elastic cord or other construction. Take it to go to animal hospital next.

   Toxic: May come on very urgently, faint or muscle convulsion. If you see the dog is the toxicant with person hep place one kind in get down, can bring it to spit into brine through giving it the fill in throat come (the dog of average volume uses exchange of one teaspoon salt one brimmer water) , the thing that if swallow,enters is mordant, give it fill milk please. If your dog dog had lost consciousness, wanted to retry with these method anything but. Go seeking veterinary surgeon at once, carry the poisonous article that remain to reach its to pack.

   Take a dog to read the note of vet:

If your love dog must accept anaesthesia, do not let it eat pron any thing. When giving vet love dog, the rug on best upper berth is in the ground or it is old clothes, good let its Fu lie above. Hold dog having love in the arms gently next (it is a body first it is a tail next) , hold it in the arms to arrive on the rug. Such doing, wounded leg or other wounded place the condition of an injury won't accentuate.

If it often wants to bite a thing, can use bandage gently (but must firm) the ground the mouth bundle live (necklace, leather belt or canine rope leave the use on metropolis clique in this kind of circumstance) , should bind below chin close, a slipknot is hit at the back of the neck
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