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The symptom that the dog suffers heatstroke and emergency treatment
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Case of dog heatstroke death

The case because of sweltering death is in the dog to often happen domestic and internationally, some host think to just buy bit of thing to come back a little while, leave the dog inside the car then, dog of the discovery when coming back has been heated up dead.

Dog of work of our country police also has produced similar case, have a story somewhere police takes police dog to search escaped criminal into hill, police dog because of exceeding excitement oblivious of oneself job, oneself won't say to drink heat again should drink water, and fuzz did not carry a lot of water at that time, so unwary fill in time water, cause the serious dehydrate of the dog. When police dog is working, fall down not to rise suddenly the following day, fuzz realizes police dog needs water, but too late, this fuzz is tearful holding a dog in the arms to walk along a few lis of roads to come to the side of the river below hill, but the police dog of that only assiduous job also does not need water again.

   The dog is very not the animal of heat-resisting

Because the dog won't perspire, also won't suspend an activity because of heat; The body of the dog cannot ego adjustment temperature, dog also won't oneself take care of oneself to fill in time water; The sweat gland of the dog is completely on the tongue, see the dog spits a tongue to pant so demonstrative dog is very hot, need drinks water to drop in temperature or static come down to suspend an activity; The dog of short nose compares long nose dog more be afraid of heat, more come loose not easily hot.

The temperature with normal dog should be in 37.8 ° C -- 39 ° C, when temperature arrives at 40.65 ° C, splanchnic organ begins to be damaged, high danger is belonged to when temperature arrives at above of 41 ° C. In the environment of high fever tall perhaps wet fuggy climate falls, the fastest 20 minutes make the body of the dog is fastened likely all fails and die, so heatstroke is the healthy to the dog the biggest menace below the summer or condition of other and sultry weather.

   Does heatstroke have those symptoms?

Piece move the mouth pants greatly, companion of the lung when panting has murmur, saliva appears on the mouth; The body when walking sways overbalance; Frail; Consciousness is ambiguous, finally is to fall down, die.

After symptom of dog occurrence heatstroke, host should be adopted first immediately save oneself, is not await vet blindly. The most important is to want to make the temperature of the dog falls as soon as possible, the method is to use cold water (cannot use glacial water, meeting glacial water makes cutaneous loop speed is reduced, extend the time that drop in temperature thereby) strong drench on the body of the dog, also can put the dog in cold water tub to drop in temperature. Should send vet clinic the dog with the rapiddest rate next. The dog is general below this kind of circumstance won't oneself drink water, should send vet to adopt a bit and other way to complement quickly so water portion and other remedy have treatment.
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