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What dog dog appears is accident
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Causing the cause with the commonnest fracture is traffic accident, decline from altitude sometimes, be squeezed be pressed also can cause fracture.


With fracture similar is dilocation. The dog dog that both distinction is fracture can procrastinate to break limb to go, and the dog dog of dilocation suffers from limb not dare touchdown, jumping to go with 3 limb.

No matter fracture still is dilocation, dog dog can ache unceasingly, still can lie on the ground to quiver sometimes. At this moment we should undertake basic outside fixed, holding dog dog in the arms to go to a hospital treating at once.

   Massive haemorrhage

The massive haemorrhage that no matter be traumatic,causes, still be splanchnic massive haemorrhage, it is extremely dangerous to dog dog.

Should oppress haemorrhage dot reduces haemorrhage amount when emergency treatment, cleared mud, after wrapping up simply fast send a hospital first aid. Because some cut need to oversew, this cannot be being accomplished in the home commonly.


Doggie dog is particularly easy because ate what dot to cause more a place of strategic importance, serious when asphyxial cause anoxic death.

Should see dog dog exerts all his strength extend a neck, when the claw before keeping using catchs the mouth and neck, may be more filled in, can dab at this moment its back helps it spit come. If disable,can hold a hospital in the arms to ask a doctor to help only.

Sometimes big dog dog also is met plug be waitinged for by bone is guttural, same very dangerous, send medical service as soon as possible.


The food that dog dog ate putrefaction, or medicines and chemical reagents, when large dog had the rat that is died by medicine, meet especially toxic.

The symptom is to have vomit and diarrhea, jerky, dejected, sad cry, at that time best can know toxic reason, it is good to taking dog dog to go when the hospital tell a doctor, accomplish suit the remedy to the case.


No matter be the shock that what reason creates, we should undertake necessary rescue goes to a hospital again.

At this moment iciness of dog dog limb, breath is hurried. dog dog lie low, help its breath slow, the method is breath of modular apery labour, close its mouth, blow air to nostril, massage its thorax at the same time. Dog dog has the reason that the hospital sends it to find out shock after improving a little, make corresponding treatment.


Carsick cannot calculate disease, the consequence that causes is not serious also.

When the dog vomits, becoming may be carsick, make it quiet to come down, have a break to be able to suit. Some dog dogs are dizzy after crossing a few carriage return again also won't carsick. The dog dog of carsick to having habit is in go out not to take food before travel and water, serve administer carsick drug.
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