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The general remedy of toxic disease
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General and toxic disease breaks out from abrupt acute more, and the alexipharmic that at present most poison still does not have specially good effect, because this adopts general remedy toxic to delay symptom, maintain life, make toxic animal obtains rehabilitation to have all in all sense.

The general processing principle before seeing a doctor and method:

The first: Mace of regret of Piao of Hong of  expostulate with is troubled by  of discharge chaste tree to go straight towards  of lip of ⒓ of α of  of Ru tan1huan4 boundless and indistinct to write careless of fie approach  to remorse You Gang of adze basketry shellfish believes  of fleeing Guo of cowardly fine gold to make an appointment with cut up with a hay cutter of Tuo Tang  6 miscellaneous Gua emerges coerce of Qian of expostulate with Hong conceives   , every time 5 milliliter, every other 5 minutes. Also can use ipecac syrup in addition, every time 2 to 5 milliliter profess to convinced of every kilograms of weight. Normally the dog chooses A to attack herion is urged spit, every kilograms of weight uses 70 microgramme; The cat chooses Long Peng, every kilograms of weight uses one milligram, intramuscular injection. Also can use the bluestone fill of 1% to take, dog 100 milliliter of 20 ~ , cat 20 milliliter of 5 ~ . Physical method urges: Bud of A Chinese-style unlined garment of moisture in the soil rises abruptly Yao of Fu of と of carbon of Californium of hot Zhai of  of γ of  of Sao of sweat of vasting Na Luan takes off  of wash of porcelain of road of brilliant of Miao of  of  of ぃ receiving line to write fie grand

The 2nd: Form of  of boundless and indistinct of tan1huan4 of Lue of regret of Piao of Hong of expostulate with of fan of second blessing  ∠ of fan of stupid Buddhist templeput on the brakes of second  account Yin of angry of solid barium of Xing of  of  of Mo of far  of bank of second lid of O of answer Long  not Yang an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of delay of goblet Hui  6 ㄊ of 6 ǎ  shelters Ω , unfavorable and too much, can relapse several times. Join activated carbon appropriately in gastric lavage water or alexipharmic in order to improve gastric lavage result. The attention when the path that insert a stomach is in charge of cannot injure esophagus and gastric wall mucous membrane.

The 3rd: Yun of  of a surname of fan of  of Zheng of regret of  broadleaf plant mu ~ of? of  of regret Mo be buried alive with the dead 2 hours, although already entered alvine talk, but absorb not completely, right now but activated carbon of profess to convinced is opposite with reducing bowel to of poison absorb, metric 8 grams of 2 ~ fill of every kilograms of weight is taken.

The 4th: Does You Jiong of Californium of uranous Yu regret closely question does  of ü of high and steep of border of regret Lang of  of Suo of  of bluff of cowardly  painful  lie does Can of  of an ancient drinking vessel of cowardly of hum of perch of copy of onlying  brandish fetters  of mu of regret einsteinium ü hold tight of pliable but strong of Pi Jiu astounded prevent cowardly an ancient wine vessel made of horn Lu of √ of 6  adze?  of the Zan that sift  carves salty smoke pulls old man of  Mian carbuncle to steal  to push  of caries of cape of ┧ of salty smoke live abroad to grow a small tinkling bell to carry lie lament admire errors unexpectedly δ Peng
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