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Solve pet dog quickly law of toxic medical treatment

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Also be the mainest above all, want to prevent toxic phenomenon to expand further namely. If pet is cortical and toxic, so from its appearance proceed with. Pet host should take good skin glove first, put its into clear water next, knead the hair that washs pet gently. And should relapse clean.

If pet is bromatoxism, with respect to need you use the following method to have relieve internal heat or fever to its:

It is to give its to undertake urging spitting above all. This kind of method to pet, undertake after bromatoxism of 4 hours less than, the effect is best. After if give its to undertake urging,be being spat, the state still does not have change. At this moment you are about to take other step.

The 2nd kind of method undertakes gastric lavage to its namely. This kind of method basically is to toxic time, in the pet of 2 hours less than. Gastric lavage this kind of method, it is the food that has pet is taken out entirely come, infuse washs gastric juice, this can adjust the acid-base value in its stomach. Dosage of gastric lavage fluid should be every kilograms of 5 ~ 10 milliliter, undertake for many times cleaning to its. If be in gastric lavage fluid,be 0.02%-0.05% plus active carbon, the effect will be better.

The 3rd kind of method is: Can take a plant to its kind activated carbon, this is to let activated carbon absorb toxin. Plus cathartic and gastric lavage or queasy method, the effect is best. What want an attention especially is, ten million cannot be used to its mineral kind with the animal kind activated carbon.

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