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Pet produces method of accident relieve a sick or injured person

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When when your love dog or love cat produce an accident and pet doctor cannot arrive instantly, you can have urgent examination and relieve a sick or injured person for it first. We introduce the method of a few urgent relieve a sick or injured person below:   

One, no matter your pet is sober,

Should examine it to have above all without apparent pain, wait like haemorrhage, amlposition. If suspicion has fracture, do not want shift to hurt a leg as far as possible. If rachis gets hurt, so when raising a dog, be about to use flat.

2, if both helps, can ask the body of pet, carry it on rug or coat. If you alone, beside can place the rug in pet, capture its closely cervical the skin with hip, pull a rug. Mention next rug, move wounded pet piece get hurt the ground. The attention does not come up against cut.

3, should make sure pet is cervical extend, make breath expedite.

4, if the painful clearly of pet, so in shift use before it temporarily the mouth covers the buccal bazoo it the ministry is fixed. Bypass with cord or scarf nose, reach the knot after the neck below chin respectively.

5, although some pet in good health seemingly, its interior organ also has wounded possibility. Move it after safe place, take it to make a complete inspection to pet hospital.

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