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Prevent dog dog plant toxic

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Dog dog outdoors when often can eat a few grass, but some grass are poisonous to them. It is to feed introduction of a few kinds of common floral by accident below, the home has the attention that love bestows favor on.

Evergreen: Vomiting, disgusting, bellyacke, serious when meeting gradually insensible and deadly.

Black white leaf: Juice can cause inflammation scratchy symptom, eye of bring into contact with can be brought about red, feed cauline ministry to be able to cause salivate, talking around to prickle by accident, paralytic accompany disgusting, diarrhoea.

Thick costal region is careless: Agnail of gastralgia, talking around, diarrhoea.

Su Tie: Vomiting, jerky, diarrhoea and haemorrhage.

Morning glory: Feed cauline ministry to be able to cause vomiting, diarrhoea by accident.

Wen Shulan: Vomit first, hind constipation, breath is not whole, easy bring about neurological paralytic and deadly.

Potato leaf: Conjunctiva hyperaemia, guttural burn, issue dysentery easily deadly.

Narcissus: Diarrhoea, vomiting, have a fever, the symptom such as lethargy, serious when can bring about convulsion, paralytic and dead.

Green orchid: Feed cauline ministry to be able to cause diarrhoea, vomiting, faint, lethargy by accident.

Soft branch yellow cicada: The juice that feeds soft branch yellow cicada by accident can bring about disgusting diarrhoea, companion has a lip the disease such as dry of dry tongue of vomiting of red, high fever, mouth, touch branches and leaves can cause roseola.

Oleander: Convulsion of blood of abdominal cramp, vomiting, dizzy, have diarrhoea, pupil magnifies, final respiratory system is paralytic and deadly.

Changchun is beautiful: Muscle is faint and paralytic.

Azalea: Vomiting, disgusting, breath is difficult, insensible wait for a symptom.

Morning glory: The vomitive diarrhoea that feeds excessive to be able to cause digestion by accident and n/med having blood in one's stool, the person that weigh is met caustic and cranial nerve, hypoglossal nerve.

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