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Pet dog bromatoxism

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[The pathogeny]

As we have learned, because the dog ate,bromatoxism basically is not clean, not fresh, the food of putrefaction and yoghurt. Because be in afore-mentioned all sorts of in food, often contain a variety of bacteria, bacili of family name of grape coccus, Sramana, flesh is for instance poisonous shuttle bacterium, and before two kinds of bacteria see at most.

[Diagnostic point]

Remind you, the toxin that grape coccus makes basically causes ill dog to produce symptom of gastric bowel path, if vomit, bellyacke, issue dysentery and acute gastroenteritis symptom, have heart failure, temperature is reduced somewhat. Serious and toxic when, still can show difficulty of limbs tic, disturbed, breath and serious faint from fear. The metamorphism that the basis feeds eats content sort and combine clinical symptom, can make examine break.

Suggest you use following methods, dog giving disease has treatment:
Bromatoxism is inchoate apomorphine of emetic of inject of Ke Jing arteries and veins, its dosage is 0.04 milligram / Kg weight lets ill dog spit food. Still answer ill dog to have gastric lavage, complement when having above measure humoral reach undertake pair of proper disease treat. Stop raise to feed already toxic ill dog at the same time. The case after toxin of bacterium of fleshy poisonous shuttle is toxic is more severe, must treat in serum of inchoate application antitoxin!

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