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When your love dog encounters risk

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Get an electric shock

Symptom: After dog shock getting an electric shock often urinary incontinence, this shows it already was in dangerous level.
Emergency treatment method: Put out power source above all, touch a dog after that again, breathe artificially to applying greatly instantly next. Do artificial breath to have two kinds of methods, if the puppy is too little, with respect to the two hind legs that should capture it, flap with the hand, rhythm ground around swings, till breathe,begin till. Law of another kind of artificial breath is to make its side lies, have rhythm land with the hand oppressive bosom, cause breath. Artificial breath undertakes half hours at least. If doing artificial breath, it still not come to, you should ask vet to check as soon as possible.

Precautionary measures: The electrical wiring of electric home appliances
Hit a car
Symptom: Have a large number of haemorrhage, vomiting, asphyxial, algid
Emergency treatment method: Give it first hemostatic, point to pressure, plunge into closely with gauze, method and cure person are same. When it breathes difficulty, its head over heels, pull a tongue to want to notice to give it thermal insulation with the dress or blanket. Last contact good hospital takes it quickly to see a doctor.
Precautionary measures: Nurse must take care when taking it to go out it. Do not make it optional if it is too mischievous,run in disorder, must fasten is good
Go out again.

Symptom: Abdominal take up, have vomit and diarrhea, convulsive, asp, breath is heavy, faint, haemorrhage.
Emergency treatment method: Examined a doggie to eat what medicaments to take label or medicaments to the hospital together first.
Precautionary measures: The rat medicine in the home. The poisonous article such as cockroach medicine, camphor ball should be placed appropriate, do not put in the place that the doggie finds easily.

Burn or scald
Emergency treatment method: It is OK also to be in in cut with ice bag apply cleanse wipes a few green ointment or toothpaste, gauze gauze is disinfected on the bag next, keep wet.

Symptom: Limb iciness breath is hurried.
Emergency treatment method: Want to give thermal insulation right now, close the mouth of the doggie to blow air and massage its bosom from nostril, tighten the nose that holds it, toe, one side emergency treatment, send toward the hospital at the same time.

Symptom: If doggie fracture, of its bone break end to be able to loosen below collapse collapse procrastinating, the dog of dilocation also dare not use crural touchdown, can diagnose very easily piece.
Emergency treatment method: A simple injury limb is fixed evacuation permits X light and treatment to vet courtyard.

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