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The diagnosis and treatment with dog toxic salt

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Sodium ion and chloric ion are the mineral element with animal essential airframe, sodium and chloric amount are contained commonly in plant sex feed less. For complement these two kinds of elements, the appetite of promotional animal, ought to be in ration supply salt. But if salt intake is overmuch, be in especially water when inadequacy, can cause animal salt toxic. A variety of animals have salt the report that toxic happening, but different animal is different to the sensitivity of salt, show different toxic dosage. Common mix at chicken the pig is most sensitive, because the kidney of the dog has,excrete a function first-rately, not sensitive to salt, reason is clinical and very few salt having a dog is toxic the report of case of illness. The author is in clinical on make a diagnosis and give treatment salt of dog of a few pet is toxic case of illness, diagnose its now reach cure to experience summary to be as follows:

Typical case

On March 3, 2004 morning, "Argute ghost " pet outpatient department closes punished dog of a sausage, male, canine age is 2 years old, weight 7.5 Kg. Action in chief: Before this dog two days vomit 2 times each, puke is mucus, but appetite is normal. Ate brine stealthily to bloat in the evening yesterday after chicken, vomit ceaselessly, did not see diarrhoea, come on appetite is abandoned in the morning absolutely, happy event drink water, january inject passed 7 couplet vaccine 2004. Clinical examination: Temperature 35.8 ℃ , pulse 156 / Min, arrhythmia, breathe / Min 45 times, breath is shallow fast, oral cavity and cyanosis of palpebral mucous membrane, eyeball cave in. At the same time companion has convulsion of muscle of excited uneasiness, whole body to wait for neurosis shape.


Collect according to excessive feed the food brine with the high volume that contain salt to bloat the medical history such as chicken and airframe dehydrate and have serious and apparent neurosis shape to wait can make preliminary diagnose.


This ill cure still does not have specific content at present, mix to initial stage spend toxic disease dog gently, can employ the ooze solution such as ion of the diuresis that discharge sodium, double price infusion and cure, inchoate to disease discovery distribute second supply instantly clear water is drinkable, in order to reduce the salt concentration in the stomach; Or with gastric lavage of 0.1 % potassium permanganate aqueous solution, also applicable emetic is urged spit. Next to be taken orally a few oil kind evacuant, the eduction of the salt inside stimulative stomach bowel, avoid to be absorbed again. Use diuretic in order to reduce skull internal pressure, alleviate cerebral oedema.

To disease cure

Intramuscular injection is vitriolic atropine 5- - 10 Mg or hydrochloric acid chlorpromazine 5- - 15 Mg spasmolysis is demulcent. 50 ~ 100ml or 10 Ml of calcic solution of 10 % chloridize add the dextrose acid calcic solution of 10 % drop of the vein in the dextrose inject fluid of the 10 % of 150 Ml is noted, 50 ~ 60 / Min.

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