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The omen before dog dog falls ill
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Omen, : Have a fever. Having a fever is common disease sign, it also is very much deadly risk is augural, because this cannot be despised. Normal temperature of the dog compares a person slightly tall, it is 38.5 degrees about, young dog temperature is a few higher.
Omen 2: Quiver. The reason that dog dog morbid state quivers is neurological gave an issue, it is encephalitis likely, heat of canine acute communicable diseases those who cause, so if host discovers the case that dog dog occurrence morbid state quivers appears, scarcely wants to hesitate, hasten the dog that take a dog goes to a hospital seeing a doctor.

Omen 3: Inappetence. If without what food itself is unusual but if the appetite of dog dog drops apparently however, that dog dog may be to fall ill. A lot of diseases can make the appetite of the dog drops to be lost even, like gastric bowel the acute contagion of path disease and other system is waited a moment.

Omen 4: Breath is difficult. If the breathing frequency of the dog is accelerated apparently and increase breathing depth, the likelihood is indicating dog dog contracts respiratory tract disease, wait like tracheitis, bronchitic, pneumothorax, cannot treat sth lightly.

Omen 5: Constipation. If you discover dog dog defecate not free or if the rule is disorder, must adjust the food of dog dog in time, may appear otherwise serious enteron illness.

Omen 6: Diarrhoea. Simple diarrhoea may be overfeeding cannot digest be caused by, meet this kind of condition abstinence one day went, but as a result of helminth or the diarrhoea that other contagion causes is so not simple, so, cannot despise the diarrhoea of dog dog.

Omen 7: Vomit. Dog dog ate an eyewinker to be able to be spat actively, some dogs are carsick also can vomit, this is normal. But if produce serious sickness, not only food, still have gastric juice or water, that may be to get gastritis, must send cure cure at once.

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