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The harm of uterine harbour pus
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Serious uterine harbour pus can bring multiple organ to fail and die

What is meant by uterine harbour pus?

Hyperplasia of appearance of bursa of the film inside the uterus can appear because of hormonal influence unusual, and the bursa type construction that uterine harbour pus is the film inside these uteruses is affected by the bacterium, produce the phenomenon of a large number of secretion.
Dog dog is affected because of serious bacterial illness, cause a chain of physiology reaction then, bacterial endotoxin can affect a heart to run, haemal fill discharge of the kidney drops, cause uremic appearance, the meeting below serious condition causes multiple organ to fail and die.

Uterine harbour pus has two kinds:

● opens model: Laxer heavy. The impact of secretion physiology function that can discover on external genital organs maize pus resembles on animal except view is less, uterine body size is smaller also, appear not easily the appearance that uterine burst creates peritonitis and serious bacterial endotoxin bring about organic exhaustion to die.
● closes model: More serious. Secretion won't discover on the exterior, commonner for abdominal expand, physiology function impact is big, uterine body expand, appear easily the appearance that uterine burst creates peritonitis and serious bacterial endotoxin cause organic exhaustion death.

Why is the uterus met harbour pus?

The mother dog of normal oestrus cycle, between the rut that can have two weeks, right now ovarian meeting is secreting the element that aid pregnant, the film inside the uterus contacts element of female of tall pH indicator and the stimulation of the element that aid pregnant to fall in move back and forth, when the movement that if be done not have all the time,is pregnant, because this is proliferous,the film inside the uterus is met, the film inside the uterus can secrete a lot of actor to raise matter (the material of tall nutrition, to be pregnant, the film inside the uterus secretes material of a lot of nutrition to assist conception is embryonic bed, and the nutrient source that provides a basis) , right now if the animal is in oestrus early days or rut when, cervix can be stretched slightly, because this crosses cervix very easily and the bacterium inside the vagina enters the breed inside the uterus, the commonnest bacterium is coliform organisms Escherichia Coli.

The breed of good hair of uterine harbour pus, age:

Without special transmissibility, 6 years old of above are commonner, young nevertheless schoolgirl dog dog also has discovery, help pregnant element or once been use especially is a female the animal of hormonal medicaments. Additional, also some case of illness are to had had sterilization operation, but on the uterus that uterine harbour pus produces in remain.

Ego diagnoses little secret:
1. vagina secretion: If cervix is open model, can discover pudenda can have yellow of quite a few mucous appearance secretion.
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