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The drive of the endoparasite and precaution
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The drive bug that we often say, it is to point to the helminth inside drive body, worm points to the helminth outside eliminate body.

Parasitism is in dog common helminth has inside body:

1. ascarid -- of cream-colored, resemble an elastic, parasitism is inside alvine path, absorb already digestive nutrient. Whether examination of excrement and urine has bug egg and can be informed ascarid is had in abdomen. A lot of bitch are clean without drive bug before be pregnant, the pollution when as a result is pregnant gives a doggie, make after be born at the beginning of the doggie there is bug system inside intestines. Bug system has go down to be able to be corroded by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice but bug egg bag of the circle has very thick egg carapace to won't be eliminated; When the doggie is sucking, lick the excrement and urine that contains bug egg to bitch not carefully, bug egg escapes hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, be imago in the hatch in intestines. Of out roam about dog and wholesome state not the doggie that the progenitive place of beautiful comes out, the most in abdomen has ascarid

2, tapeworm -- bug body resembles flat flat noodle, have a red-letter day, grow pieces string, parasitism absorbs nutrient in intestines. After each fall off, can grow a head ahead again, the alvine wall of dog of bite into dog, grow again slowly backward string. If be in the excrement and urine of the doggie,seeing the bug system that can use like maggot is cestode. Piece the section gathers around doggie anus, make a doggie anal drama itchs and sit on the ground to grind, as if smooth slide. Suck the nutrient inside bowel because of tapeworm vigorously again, make a doggie very fast hungry, eat a thing to come voracious, appetite is very big, however thin from beginning to end cling to cling to. Examination of excrement and urine sees bug egg not easily, because of master and attentive observation must leaning when this is diagnosed. This kind of bug is infected for agency with flea, the doggie that grows flea so is unavoidable to have tapeworm almost.

3. hookworm -- parasitism is inside duodenum, say again " hookworm " . Bug body is tiny, the head has fine check mark, wall of bite into bowel sucks blood, cause blood, black, and anaemic. Examination of excrement and urine can see elliptic bug egg.

4. whipworm -- body of tiny horsewhip form bug, parasitism reachs large intestine in caecum, cause next dysentery. Examination of excrement and urine sees elliptic bug egg, two end have small hat, this kind of bug is current scarce already.

5. ball bug -- big like leucocyte bug egg, parasitism is moved in small intestine the cell is reached on film inside, cause next dysentery, if the doggie catchs this bug, must notice, because be when canine acute communicable diseases is hot, bug of ball of very easy also amalgamative infection. Naked eye is invisible, and ball bug has two generation: Sexual for generations and asexuality digenesis are in with hiding more epithelial inside, drive rises very give or take a lot of trouble; But after dog dog is grown infection need not worry greatly, the antibody that because become canine body,meeting generation comparatives will eliminate.
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