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How to prevent arched body disease
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Arched body is ill (Toxoplasmosis) call arched bug disease again, it is the parasitism that the person that by Gong Degong body Toxoplasma Gondii arouses and animal suffer from in all a kind of protozoon inside the cell is ill. So far, already confirmed have 45 kinds of mammal, 70 kinds avian fall to all can contract this disease in natural condition with 5 kinds of cold-blooded animal, its affect rate, incidence of a disease and mortality to have the tendency that year after year rises, serious to the healthy harm sex of person and animal.

Dog and other animal affect a way except enteron outside, return the skin that can pass damage, the way such as respiratory tract, eye and placenta is affected. In addition, blood transfusion also can spread arched body disease.

Clinical symptom:

1. acute see Yu Youling dog more. Body temperature rise arrives high 40-42 ℃ , delay 3-4 day; Mental depressed, appetite is abandoned absolutely; Can inspect mucous membrane cadaverous or Huang Ran, canthus with purulent sex secretion; Nasal cavity pours out of serous sex secretion, have cough, breath is shallow and fast. Often show abdominal, auscultation has Shi Luoyin. Suffer from canine vomiting. Constipation or next dysentery, serious person present haemorrhage sex diarrhoea, mental height depressed, breathe extreme difficulty, present convulsion or paralytic, lie the ground does not rise wait for a symptom. After ill 7-10 day, retina of some case of illness, choroid agnail or ear ala, neck, back, abdomen is coarse place skin sees amaranth spot area it is thus clear that or haemorrhage is nodded, temperature of some case of illness begin to drop and companion has dead happening, young age mortality having a dog can amount to 35-40% , gravid mother dog can produce premature delivery or abort.

2. is chronic model day of the 10-14 after coming on, because arched body is acuteness,hyperplasia period already passed, disease produces antibody inside canine airframe, development grows in can preventing arched body to be organized in each organ, exterminate arched body even, temperature returns to normal, appetite restores gradually, but grow growth is slow, some can make growth undesirable, the constitution is emaciated individual. Because content of the antibody inside muscle, head, eyeball is little, can't exterminate bug body, so arched body can be inside afore-mentioned organs long-standing, can bring about thereby suffer from a dog to present athletic obstacle. Hind human body is convulsion of paralytic, epileptic appearance, wry-necked wait for different symptom with eyesight obstacle.

3. is recessive model or without the symptom model see more at grown dog. Do not see apparent symptom. Some case of illness just are in chronic period a few symptoms of bequeath disappear not easily.
Recessive model case of illness, once repeat infection or intercurrent and other epidemic disease, also can turn for acute course, present apparent symptom or the possibility that have deadly sex.
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