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Precautionary dog dog 4 kinds of common disease
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As corporeal culture living conditions rise, the person that townsman raises a dog is increasing, canine disease also happens ceaselessly. Rule of life of dog of understanding city pet and its disease produce a characteristic, conduce to the prevention and cure of canine disease, ensure person cultivate is healthy. Generally speaking, undeserved, vaccinal have an inoculation leads not advanced reason to cause dog dog go to the bad, it is a few kinds of concentration with dog common dog below disease.


Main reason: It is to raise misgovern, be hungry letting a dog is full not all, eat and drink too much. Food inferior quality, winter food is too cold, summertime food places time to grow too and acid defeats metamorphism, place have dinner is provided sordid, long with do not disinfect because of,etc also is hair cause of disease.

Clinical expression: Wait for a symptom for constipation, diarrhoea, suffer from cultivate vomiting, it is first feed rotten, bubble appearance is after mucous with gastric juice, the property that depends on pathological changes is different, mix in puke blood, bile and mucous membrane fragment wait. Rare water and mucky mixture are first, change for sample after, mix sometimes have constituent fragment and blood. The dog spends Fu Wo of music of bellyacke, body gently to be in cold shadow, abdomen is nervous, have spend yellow white coating on the tongue gently, airframe is rapid dehydration, uric color slants yellow, course of diseases is commonly 2 control to 5 days.

Remedial precaution: Stop raise one day above all, give after 24 hours the digestible spoon meat such as food boiling water, congee. Can give be good at stomach to aid change medication, be like lactobacillus element, gastric enzymatic mixture, feed a mother to be born etc, be like have loose bowels or sample and mix the person that have mucous, blood, but element of gentamicin of profess to convinced, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread. The importable candy brine with serious dehydrate, physiological saline, sodium chloride of medicine made of two or more ingredients. Adopt above remedy and strengthen nurse, 2 to 3 days can heal.

This ill precaution basically is to adopt raise administrative method correctly. Accomplish raise to feed time, ration, young of a year old of less than, but one day feeds the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 5 times, grown dog 2 come 3 times. Food should be machined thoroughly cook, breed wants diversification, grain of degree of finish is tie-in, be like but across feeds rice, noodle, corn, pachyrhizus, celery, carrot, Chinese cabbage, ripe flesh, bone soup, make sure the dog is balanced absorb all sorts of nutrition material, contented grow the need of development. The has machined ripe meat products such as ham bowel do not answer often raise is fed. Can give a fruit appropriately, attach most importance to especially to young especially should. Food should keep fresh, prevent to freeze, mildew is defeated, after tableware should be used every time, clean, disinfection, do not mix with other dog with.
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