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The canine nest of the dog in how preventing the home coughs
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Current, be two season alternate when, air temperature change is big, difference in temperature of day and night is big, this kind of moment, cause a lot of dogs particularly easily kind contagion, among them canine nest coughs to also be in enter tall hair right now period.
Canine nest coughs namely canine infectivity is tracheal bronchitic, it is the disease of organ of canine infectivity breath that causes by a variety of cause of disease, can enroach on the dog of any ages. Want to one happen only only, other the dog dog that contacts to it also is met immediately appears this symptom. This ill course of diseases is a week above, a few case of illness can is as long as of a few months long. Most dog dog but as airframe resistance rise and recover gradually, because treat not seasonable afterwards to send bronchopneumonia,dog of a few dog is met.

Come on earlier, expression of dog dog symptom is dry cough, the occasional after coughing vomits or nauseating, but spirit, appetite all normal, do not have a fever commonly, also wait for diagnostic without drivel. Do not have a few days, its symptom expression coughs for aching sex, temperature is elevatory, inappetence, suppurate sex drivel.

The cure that canine nest coughs needs to administer thoroughly, want to control the symptom such as cough on one hand, want to exterminate pathogen on the other hand. Those who need an attention is, because canine nest coughs to often cause guttural inflammation by a variety of condition pathogenic bacteria, general medicaments reachs this place very hard, most antibiotic cannot have the remedial effect of get effect instantly. Host of a few dogs uses the antibiotic of large dose accordingly. But this practice is very unscientific, long the immune protective screen that the antibiotic of large dose can destroy canine airframe, give virus inbreak create an opportunity.

In initial stage, if discover this kind of circumstance, can feed the and so on of fluid of profess to convinced of poison of a few disease-resistant to dog dog, if fluid of profess to convinced of double the rhizome of Chinese goldthread adds fluid of anguine bravery tendril-leaved fritillary bulb to wait, give or take an injection again rice of ground a place of strategic importance is loose. Should notice to be prevented to dog dog additionally cold. In addition, did not forget to give the disappear in the home disinfection regularly,

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