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Precautionary dog dog suffers from kidney stone
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Recently, the discussion about pet kidney stone is particularly much, parent of a lot of pet hopes more can thorough ground understands the situation of pet kidney stone. We interviewed Doctor Qu Xiaoping of spouse animal hospital, asked him to become detailed explanation.

Have the reason of kidney stone: Dog or the cat gets kidney stone likely. The reason that pet has kidney stone is very complex, momentum of the food that basically follows pet, carry, heredity relative. Because,specific likelihood basically is the following the reason of each respect: The food of pet is too onefold (often eat the meat for example, do not eat other edibles) , dietary structure collocation is unreasonable; Drink water too little; Lack motion; Or pet itself has metabolization heredity drawback, hepatic function is reduced; The stimulation of chronic inflammation. In addition, blooded pet is more opposite than crossbred pet for suffer from kidney stone more easily.

Have the show of kidney stone: If pet suffers from kidney stone, its urology can appear a few unusual symptoms, for instance frequent micturition, little make water, much make water, micturition has aching feeling, hematuria to wait. But appear these symptoms are not kidney stone certainly, must pass normally pat diagnose of X mating plate.

How to prevent: So far, still do not have the particularly good method that treats pet kidney stone. Be in at ordinary times in daily life, want to prevent the kidney stone of pet, basically be to should make pet much drink water, much exercise, and food should with feline food or dog food is given priority to.

Actually, the probability that pet suffers from kidney stone is very small, what do not imagine like parent of a lot of pet is so serious. Generally speaking, if pet appears the symptom such as dysuria, frequent micturition, hematuria, anuria, the likelihood just suffers from went up to issue secrete urethral syndrome. This kind of disease is commonner on feline cat body, 1 year old of cat cats that arrive 10 years old may contract this kind of disease more very much. But, this kind of disease can cause the PH of fluid of pet make water to be worth a change, as time passes may bring about uric stone. Urethral syndrome basically passes the secrete below cure eat food of a few prescription for example prescription grain

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