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The dog that has made wild dog vaccine bites a person
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Yesterday one citizen by one have the card, dog that has made wild dog vaccine to be sent before the bosom only, doesn't he make wild dog vaccine even? Hangzhou city disease accuses a center to give clear affirmative answer.

Last morning 6 when make, the love dog that Mr Wang as usual is taking him goes out from house part row, walk on the footpath of the ave, yang Mou of pedestrian of a pass by touched a dog not carefully with the foot, who knows a dog to make madly suddenly keep, still flounce off pull a string, rush forward to be caught repeatedly belt bite the ground " retaliation " him. After Yang Mou gets hurt, requirement dog host can take him to hit inoculation. Mr Wang says: "Be at ease, this dog hangs out his shingle, spring just had made wild dog vaccine this year, not hydrophobic. " Dan Yang some is not at ease, sought advice from the member that Hangzhou city disease controls central watch, he gets making clear answer, must make wild dog vaccine.

Huang Renjie of professional of hydrophobic prevention and cure points out place of prevention and cure of this center contagion, made the dog of wild dog vaccine, can defend dog and dog only between hydrophobic; Say on firm sense, the dog injected wild dog vaccine can produce antibody quickly, it is OK to fight hydrophobic serum " counteract " wild dog toxin, but either " exterminate " wild dog toxin, the dog that made wild dog vaccine so still can carry wild dog toxin in its saliva; The gene series of animal and person is different, dog vaccine and the person's vaccinal action mechanism also not " general " .

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