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Domestic dog disease produces characteristic and precaution
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The disease is the main reason that causes canine death. The canine defect that already discovered at present has 500 a variety of, but not be all diseases have same occurence rate. Occupy the statistic of ill outpatient service of domestic some dog, in 1994 ~ 1998 midday collect treated ill dog in, contagion ill dog is occupied 73.2% , dog of general common fault is occupied 18.5% , verminosis ill dog is occupied 5.3% , other disease dog is occupied 3% . In contagion with heat of canine acute communicable diseases, dog incidence of a disease of hepatitis of infectivity of petty virus disease, dog is high, especially 32% what the incidence of a disease with canine pyretic acute communicable diseases holds contagion sum total; In common disease with dyspeptic, enteritis, intussusception, rachitic, cold, pneumonic reach the incidence of a disease such as eczema tall, among them enteritis occupies common disease to come on 52% of gross; Verminosis basically is canine ascarid, hookworm, tapeworm and ball bug infection.
Accordingly, in the disease of a lot of dog, contagion remains the principal disease that endangers health of canine put oneself in another's position. But with respect to canine field character, if can control contagion popularity of the dog, criterion the characteristic that canine disease produces also will produce change subsequently. According to Nanjing statistic of some dog field, below the situation that did not produce contagion, canine disease is given priority to with common disease, disease mortality is inferior also. In common disease the occurence rate with digestion disease, respiratory system disease is higher, 76.5% what digestion disease holds sicken sum total, 12.3% what respiratory system disease holds sicken sum total. In digestion disease with changing because of feed, surfeit and feed expect the indigestion of feculent be caused by, gastroenteritis is the commonnest; In respiratory system disease in order to catch a cold most often happen. Accordingly, the person that raise a dog must do the epidemic prevention work of good dog contagion, do the precaution with heat of good dog acute communicable diseases, hepatitis of infectivity of petty virus disease, dog, hydrophobic dog to work especially, this is the hinge that control dog disease produces.

Field of a dog or the person that raise a dog, want to control the popularity of contagion and the occurence rate that reduce all sorts of diseases effectively, need fibrous root occupies the characteristic that canine disease produces, had done the following works.

1. insists to raise management scientificly, give a dog comprehensive nutrition, do well canine put oneself in another's position, food and environmental sanitation;

2. holds to regular alexipharmic system, strengthen quarantine, eliminate pathogen, cut off catch a pass;

3. holds to fixed drive bug, fixed vaccinate system, enhance canine constitution, raise a dog the particularity disease-resistant ability to contagion.
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