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The symptom with tepid dog, precaution and cure
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Heat of canine acute communicable diseases is preclinical for 3, 9 days. The symptom is varied, with poisonous force strong weak, ambient conditions, age and immune condition are concerned. The symptom that heat of canine acute communicable diseases begins is temperature elevatory, continuously 1, 3 days. Next subsidise, very the feature that is like cold heal. But temperature of a few Queen of heaven lift again, duration adventitious. Have it is thus clear that weep, eye conjunctiva secretion of aglow, eye becomes sex sticking pus by fluid shape. Nose condition hair works, current having bazoo goes out, beginning is serous sex nose fluid, purulent sex turns into nose fluid after. There is dry cough at the beginning of disease, turn after for wet cough, breath is difficult. Vomiting, diarrhoea, bowel covers change, mix finally with serious dehydrate feeble death.
Acute communicable diseases of dog of neurosis shape sex, be in mostly afore-mentioned symptoms are controlled 10 days appear. Clinical go up to fill up horn to change with the foot, the much hair that the case that nose ministry role turns causes nerve sex symptom. Because canine acute communicable diseases is hot the position of system of central nervous of virus enroach on is different, symptom somewhat difference. Virus is injured at cerebral ministry, expression is epilepsy, turn type of standing position of circle, station unusual, gait is flabby, in all aid is maladjusted, masticatory flesh and limb appear clonic the other nerve symptom such as tic, prognosis of acute communicable diseases of dog of sex of this kind of nerve is more undesirable.

Canine acute communicable diseases heats up virus to be able to bring about partial dog eye to injure, clinical go up to be a feature with conjunctivitis, keratitis, keratitis is after come on 15 days are controlled mostly see more, corneal and whiten, the person that weigh can appear corneal ulcer, perforative, blindness.

This disease is in young dog mortality is very tall, mortality can amount to 80 ~ 90% . And pneumonic, enteritis, bowel covers Ke Jifa the symptom such as alternate.

Clinical on once appear,acute communicable diseases of diagnostic sex dog heats up a symptom, prognosis is very poor. Had not made immune dog especially. Although clinical and aspirant travel is treated to disease, but very difficult to the development of the illness control, die with neurosis shape and exhaustion mostly. The dog that restores partly can leave the sequela of different level commonly.

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