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Dog kind toxic precaution and cure
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Organic phosphor compound is toxic

The pathogeny

Organic phosphor compound can enter canine system via enteron, respiratory tract or skin inside and cause toxic. If fed bestrew by accident the food of organic phosphor pesticide, by accident drink the ground water that is polluted near the area that drop medicine; Make up or bestrew when organic phosphor pesticide, fly the droplet of the powder that come loose or medical fluid is infected with around or the dog of ahull direction is abandoned, food, by canine lap, or dog when ahull direction training, exercise or game inspiratory the gas collosol that contains afore-mentioned drug and toxic; With medicine undeserved, if abuse the helminth outside cure of organic phosphor pesticide; Or fill exceeding an amount takes helminth of bowel of dipterex drive stomach; Bad element poison.

Diagnostic point

The health of the noxiousness as a result of all sorts of organic phosphor pesticide, intake, toxic way and airframe is different, toxic clinical expression and development course are varied also. But great majority takes acute course, ill dog at inspiratory, be fed or come on suddenly inside hour of the number after the skin is infected with. Excitement of the spirit at the beginning of disease is disturbed, muscle convulsion, begin from muscle of ministry of eye danger, face commonly, very rapid spread delays cervical, truncal ministry and even systemic muscle, light a quiver, weigh a tic, when limb muscle is clonic, ill dog again and again footfall, natant appearance motion is made when the horizontal stroke lies. Miotic, serious when show linear ill dog salivate, appetite is decreased greatly or abandon absolutely, bellyacke, alvine pitch bright, continuous and ceaseless, discharge rare sample ceaselessly, even defecate is incontinent. Weigh disease later period, alvine sound is abate and even disappear. Dripping wet of systemic sweat fluid, blame with the bosom before, all round perineal ministry and scrotum serious. Temperature is elevatory, breath is apparently difficult. Palpitant quickness, pulse slim and fragile, conjunctiva cyanosis, finally as a result of strangle.
According to the pathogeny and clinical symptom, can make examine basically break.


Use injection of vitriolic atropine vein. Dosage can press 1 milligram / kilogram weight, the symptom after classics 1-2 hour did not see when reducing, can repeat with medicine. When canine occurrence oral cavity dry, pupil comes loose big, breath smooth, heartbeat is accelerated, namely alleged " atropine is changed " when, can stop to use drug; Because atropine cannot make the choline ester that already was united in wedlock with organic phosphor enzymatic,revive, reason is right serious case of illness, had better decide with iodic Jie Lin, chloric Jie Lin cooperates to use surely. Iodic Jie Lin is decided (clique Mu) , chloric Jie Lin is decided (pyraloxime methylchloride) it is choline ester enzymatic renascent agent, they have effect of powerful close phosphor ester, can be in union choline ester is enzymatic acyl radical seizes the phosphor that go up, restore enzymatic hydrolysis ability, at the same time also can the ester of organic phosphoric acid inside intromit body loses noxiousness. Accordingly, it is the rescue medicine of virulent poisoning of organic phosphor compound. But poorer to the toxic curative effect such as phosphor of sulfur of DDVP, Le Guo, dipterex, Ma La; Must use at the same time with atropine. The dosage that iodic Jie Lin decides is 20 milligram / kilogram weight · second, for vein inject is used. The dosage that chloric Jie Lin decides is 20 milligram / kilogram weight · second. Double answer phosphor is enzymatic to choline ester active answer can iodiccer Jie Lin has decided the effect, and can pass hematic head protective screen, have atropine appearance effect. Its dosage is 15-30 milligram / kilogram weight · second.
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