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Disease of pet intestines and stomach prevents cure to know newly
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The health of intestines and stomach that bestows favor on owner person to be able to be pet more very much feels have a headache. In fact, if fruit host is done not have,add more in the dietary health of pet advertent, meet those who make they suffer disease of intestines and stomach very easily suffer.
Consider pet dog and pet cat most the gastric bowel trouble that often encounters, include: Queasy (Regurgitation) , chronic vomiting (Chronic Vomiting) and chronic diarrhoea (Chronic Diarrhoea) .

Queasy come from esophagus defect: Pet is queasy with vomiting advocate if be brought by the defect of esophagus,send, the campaign that these defect include esophagus is insufficient (Hypomotility) , there is hindrance inside esophagus (Obstruction) , inflammation (Inflammation) and unripe tumour (Neoplasia) . And the mistake of esophagus is common but the radiative photograph from pectoral outline (Thoracic Radiographs) check with endoscope (Endoscopy) be informed an illness.

Chronic vomiting and chronic diarrhoea have as to the cause of formation of chronic vomiting the following 6 kinds:

(one) allergy of bromatoxism, food;

(2) the parasitism content that bowel;

(3) the defect of gastric ministry dynamic role;

(4) gastric ulcer or gastritis;

(5) if anything superfluous or useless is formed,gastric bowel has hindrance;

(6) the large intestine of inflammation illness.

Want to treat the chronic sickness of pet, the food that host must notice pet and seasonable belt they go seeing a doctor. At present medical Bi already mastered effective diagnostic method, cisapride and Erythromycin are the effective remedy that treats this kind of illness more. Bring normally send pet to chronic diarrhoea cannot leave following a few kinds of reasons:

(one) pet produces unusual reaction to food;

(2) the fit of pathogen;

(3) parasitism content;

(4) alvine path bacterium is excessive grow (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO) :

(5) the large intestine of inflammation illness (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) (IBD) ;

(6) the hindrance that gastric bowel;

(7) allergic large intestine is integrated symptom (Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS) ;

(8) the pancreas with only exocrine dog is insufficient

(9) cat hyperthyroidism.

The method that treats chronic diarrhoea includes: The bacterium that makes bowel grows circumstance reply is normal; Control the opportunity of inflammation of IBD bring down; Restore the function that bowel, and ensure nutriment can be absorbed by body place.

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