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Hydrophobic precaution

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The animal is human friend, this behaves the consciousness that protects wild animal in people not only stronger and stronger, and also express people is right now of domestic animal be close to and love. But, in the process that raises domestic creature, mastering a few health care and the scientific knowledge that prevent disease to treat a disease also is very necessary, especially about hydrophobic precaution.

Hydrophobic it is the person cultivate with a kind of extremely tall mortality contracts infection in all, can pass dog and dog, dog and other domestic animals and wild animal, dog and person to travel each other. After hydrophobic poison invades dog put oneself in another's position, through 15 50 days one preclinical hind begin show effect, disposition having a dog is abnormal, nervily, buccal middling pours out of a large number of saliva, a large number of hydrophobic toxin are contained in saliva. After 3 days two, auditive slouch, tail prolapse, feel restless, the cry is low dumb, have stronger aggressiveness to person or birds cultivate. If person or other animal are bitten by its, claw or touch its saliva is caught likely hydrophobic.

The person is right hydrophobic without natural immunity force, after be being bitten by ill dog, axis of nerve of the week outside virus edge moves to central nervous with the speed of hour of / of 1 one 3mm, once invade afterbirth body to breed in great quantities namely, encroach again whole therein center is neurological, right now, although inject is hydrophobic vaccinal also of no help. When hydrophobic firm fit, the person appears distracted. Inappetence, nervily, occurrence low fever. Have a headache, lack of power the symptom that waits to catch a cold seemingly; The illness is subsequently aggravating, patient temperature rises to 38 reach 40 degrees, the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure is elevatory, fear water, be afraid of wind, be afraid of light, mood height is excited scared uneasiness; The patient appears finally systemic sex is paralytic and break down symptom, breath and circulatory system function fail, convulsion of final larynx flesh and dead.

Hydrophobic be in again precaution. Main link of precaution has a few following: It is not aleatoric buy, the dog do not have card with contact, foster unidentified antecedents; 2 be strengthen pair of dogs raise management, do not make their outdoors aleatoric loaf about; 3 it is to give a dog to make an inspection regularly, vaccinal hydrophobic vaccine; 4 be in case be bitten by the dog, should relapse quickly with clear water, 20% suds irrigate at least 20 minutes; Push a blood inside cut, use 0.1% new clean and destroy, 3% iodine are rinsed, alexipharmic cut, clutch again vaccination of sanitation and antiepideic station and accept treatment. Hydrophobic vaccine injects within deltoid of the upper arm, children criterion inject is in before ham inside inside area. To be being bitten commonly at 0, 3, 7, 14, 1ml of 30 days of each inject or 2ml, and answer to be being bitten badly at 0, 3 days of double vaccine measure inject, appropriate injects at controlling minute hand of two side deltoid, fight hydrophobic serum at 0 days of application or immune globulin, after whole journey the 15th, 75 day or the 10th, 20, 90 days of inject strengthen a needle.

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