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Tugou cry tears of Ningbo recent Pirates of the dog-breeding dogs floating mult
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Recently, the Pirates of the urban high cases of multiple dogs. At the same time, a number of valuable urban dog also frequently stolen. Some of the major sites to find the city dog's post can be seen everywhere, please note that the general public to guard against dogs. Typical case Camel, who lives in the streets of gold in the east village, Zhenhai Zhang Long villagers very depressed these days, most recently, his family four successive dog was stolen. Finally, dog theft is a day not long ago am 5 am, he got up and found the dog disappeared, is also seen around the call to respond. At this time, a neighbor told him last night, dogs barking after another in the village a lot of dogs stolen in the middle of the night. Zhang Long is angry: the 4 dogs are stolen Lovina, sausages and other varieties, each worth three or four thousand dollars. Zhang not only the details of home, few households near his neighbor's dog is stolen. Some villagers also saw Pirates of the dog people. On one occasion, a villager named Wang found the dog was gone, quickly driving a motorcycle chase went out and saw a white van being loaded street dogs, the number of lot. Found him chase the van away. Similar cases of stolen dogs also frequently occur in the central city. At 11:00 on October 10, Humou tied to a barber shop in the Koto Ward in front of the yellow Chow Chow dog was stolen, valued at 12,000 yuan. October 31 17 am, a shepherd in Yang's Weather Road Haishu District, was stolen, valued at 10,000 yuan. Case Analysis It is understood that the case of the winter for the Pirates of the dog multiple times, in cases of theft Tugou frequent in the urban and rural interface, while keeping their dogs along with residents of the city, more and more criminals stealing dog found more profitable, pet dogs They took aim. These cases mainly in the area surrounding the park, roads where walking the dog, committed crimes generally six or seven points in the morning or evening. Police find stolen Tugou wire loop or feed mainly used when the drug dog theft is a major tranquilizer gun or crossbow use tools such as crime, succeeded immediately after the escape. Police found the stolen dogs are mostly dog-breeding, there Samoyed, Chow Chow, Collie, etc., worth hundreds of million. Countermeasures In accordance with relevant provisions of the dog family dog on the card. Dogs have a record in the public security organs, even if lost can easily find them again. Walk the dog, the dog ordinance in accordance with the relevant provisions of rope holding the dog so the dog will not hurt people, do not give criminals an opportunity to exploit. Tied to a dog collar, rattled when the sound will start thief has scruples. The best conditions to dog fighting dog households chip. With the chip in the dog's body, as with identity, and this identity in the dog's body, no matter where, can be read by scanning the dog's name, gender, address, telephone and other contact information for dog owners , can easily be recovered after contact dog owners.
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