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Million dog-breeding thousands of River City Dog City fell to bear the long way
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Once upon a time, the rising price of dog, so dog into a "suck money" industry, a dog, stir to 20 million. No shortage of big players in the pet business figure. Jack Ma's Alibaba and Softbank, IDGVC dog in 2009, net investment of millions of dollars of funds; dog people working with venture capital network to approach the proposed landing GEM 2012. Can blink of an eye, no bull, dog city of cooling, million dog-breeding fell thousand dollars, many dog owners to enter the market early have left. Downturn in the breeding dogs at the same time, the dog is rapid development of the industry chain, especially in pet food, cosmetic, medical and other services to grow rapidly. Pet circle, ups and downs are common. The late 80s, a Beijing bar dog Mingzao River City, set off the first wave of pet heat, but did not last long, the early 90s of last century in calming markets. After 2000, the market again Jiaore, a variety of dog-breeding line into the Han, but the orgasm is low, when the next bull market is unknown. "" Pet breeding Fell thousand million dog-breeding bull market is over Looked into line with the "dog friends" have left, Wang had to sigh, pet breeding bull market is over. Watch him for a long time, perplexed when the arrival of the next bull market. Hot off Jiangcheng Shepherd Hanzhengjie 90s last century, the rapid development of commodity markets, Wang realized by the sale of wealth accumulation clothing. In 1998, the loving relationship between dog care, he spent 10 million on buying a purebred Collie. This "Tugou" run of the River City Pet circle boiling, imported shepherd full of extravagance, many of my friends looking for his little puppy reservations. To concentrate on pet breeding, the end of 2001, Wang clothing business, in the marshland of Bird and Flower Market, opened a family pet Hui-rich, providing a breeding breeding services. He brought a group of shepherds, with breeding doggy, dog teams expanded to 30. Collie River City set off heat quickly. "No paparazzi were born, some people come reservations, the most expensive sold for 20,000 yuan Shepherd." Memories of that year, Wang was filled with smiling faces, in short supply, the general average price of ten thousand yuan of small Collie. Fifty thousand meals a month to three Collie hot at the same time, the rise of a group of down dog River City, from Beijing, Shanghai and other cities down to Wuhan to sell purebred puppies, a dog make a couple of thousand dollars. "It's much faster than doing to breed." But Wang Shengjian holding a pet breeding, because in his view, reselling hard to protect the purity of dog breeds, through long-distance transportation, dogs who have any difficulty adapting, or immune measures in place, mortality rate of two to three percent. 2004, Wang has introduced the golden dog, Samoyed, Poodle, and other valuable species. "Wuhan, like chasing new pet friendly." Wang said, the red VIP just listed, a sold 2 million. Its peak, Wang built a 2000 square meters in Huangpi the dog, dogs up to 60 luxury, two-year production average of 3 nests a bitch dog, dog litter of six. Three meals a month to even fifty thousand, and for him also "side dishes" a dish. Fell thousand million dog-breeding Wang recalled that time regarded as the rapid development of Wuhan, the second wave of the pet market peak. Before 2001, only dogs, Wuhan, Beijing, Pakistan five common species, but seven years later more than 20 varieties from abroad, almost every year two or three newly introduced varieties. Unfortunately, the bull market rose faster, or something else. When the poodle, Samoyed new varieties so popular these days, the old shepherd to be consigned to limbo star, fell three to five thousand dollars worth one. "New pet dog breeding too fast, supply exceeds demand, it is easy pet friendly grass is always greener." Wang said at the time follow the trend of investors swarmed, many purebred dogs after multiple generations of breeding, poor quality, and blood is not pure, the price of natural fell down. He said that now the red blooded poodles, priced at three to five thousand dollars, in thousands of poodles in general below. Although the network of relationships with many years, Wang Shengpei dog education customers still have the old book in advance, but hard to sell high price. "At the time come to do the first six or seven pet breeding delisting of Chengdu." Wang joked, he waited for the arrival of many years, no bull, "This is not Wanwusangzhi ah?" "" Pet costumes Self-made clothing items off the province's difficult to do business in 17 years Synchronized with the rise of pet breeding, as well as pet supplies market. Tutu Pet Supplies count "old qualifications", disk pet products for 17 years, has its own production plant, the product of radiation to Beijing, Henan, Jiangxi and other places. "Goods market was mixed and difficult business environment." Distinctly "second generation" Zhang Hao said the boss, pet supplies last two decades by the "youngest-like" development to one or two thousand species, the market is expanding, but the lack of supervision, a lot of confusion . Retail sales of 10 million a month 17 years ago, Zhang Hao's father, running a pet bird market in the beach bookstore, tying a dog chain, dog comb, dog supplies like medicines III. "It was a pet is a status symbol, very few people bother to dress up pets." Hao said, the goods are advanced from the Hanzhengjie to sell dog chains have to move. In 1996, a chance, Zhang Hao met his father, "Bobo" responsible pet supplies, and a Wuhan agents, operating shower gel, a dog bowl, clothing and so on. "Quite like chasing a new pet friendly, as long as a man early adopters, and soon will use a circle." Hao said. With the prosperity of the pet market in Wuhan, Zhang Hao agent twelve ten brands, has a two thousand kinds of pet products, only to retail sales of 10 million a month. Hao said the family dog, Wuhan 200000, pet supplies market cake a month 6,000 million. Homemade wedding was abandoned dogs In 2004, the number of suppliers to Hao reflect the wholesale price of a dog clothes 15-25 yuan. Acting brand to others, why not develop their own products? Hao wondering own dog clothes. Just live at home with relatives and then tailor to do, Hao design style to their contract, and has worked out formally on ten sets of models on the market. "Pet clothes look easy, pay attention to find many." Hao said, pet hair and more of cotton fiber or fabric must be, and to anti-static, the proportion of the collar and cuffs should be reasonable, the dog was comfortable wearing. Cheaper than the agent for half-made clothing, plus wear-resistant fabric, the annual sales of 10-15 million. However, many wedding clothes piled in the warehouse of poor sales. Right now, his homemade costume clothing sales account for 1 / 3, are mainly sold to the province of second-tier cities, more or by agents of domestic brands. "Wuhan has four or five pet shops, but do well only Seven or eight." Hao said, and now consumers are starting to focus on quality and brand, not just to buy dog food needs, clothing and other supplies. But the pet supplies market was mixed, uneven. Pet clothing is also the ever-changing fashion trends. Zhang Hao said, 2006,2007 very popular pet pictures, dog wedding clothes were very popular. They made a number of wedding, the cost of 170 yuan, but something else to go pop faster, a lot of wedding clothes piled in the warehouse of poor sales. "" Pet Grooming Blow hair poser to do is circle the most popular industry SPA Pet Grooming, Pet undoubtedly become the most fashionable circles of the industry. A pair of scissors in the hair shuttle skilled in martial arts a while, a dog turned naive than the panda bear. Pet Expo held last week, the young Zhang wielding scissors for dogs "to Yen exchange side", the audience attracted onlookers photographed. To make cosmetic pet for his "wealthy", but to join the relatively chance. Pet Grooming Training abroad In 2005, Zhang Xiong with his own pet dog than go to Beijing, Shanghai and other places participate in the competition, in some dyeing, dogs of various shapes in front, only a shower is especially dogs than bears "shabby." "Give the dog a bath, a three to four million, do not the same as beauty, a 100 yuan." Visit the national market, Zhang Grooming feel stuck in a bath of Wuhan, the "starting point" is too low, then he would give up the hand clothing business, investment 2 million in the Branch of Bank opened a 30 square meters of high spirits beauty shop. But Zhang did not professionally trained, opened six months after the beauty shop low income, and not within the line stand out. "Wuhan, more than a hundred stores, all bathing, foster care and other simple living, the homogenization of competition." Zhang decided to study Korean professional pet grooming, shops to take care of relatives. To the dog a bath, blow dry hair, this boring Zhang basic training for six months, but with this almost a year of concentration, so that he was aware of the professional pet grooming, and even scissors were used to take law related to not the same. Zhang Hui and Han in 2007, the start-store expansion and professional development. He found a room in the vicinity of 80 square meters of facade, opened up a dedicated beauty rooms, bath rooms, the introduction of pet hair dryer, fetching water machines, spray machines and other specialized equipment, services including pet style, pet SPA. Zhang offers bathing, shearing of the service charges 80 yuan, coupled with his skilled and beauty shop in the circle soon the famous, guests at his door every day. Beauty product stores sold 1.5 million years Expand the store, the Zhang hired sixty-seven staff. But it is difficult to understand is stuck in the 2-3 million in sales each month, difficult to break. Zhang forget T account, remove the store a month rent, staff salaries, as well as equipment depreciation, earn thousands of dollars. "Poor" are longing for change. October 2009, Zhang once again expanded stores, new food, clothing, medical and many other areas, nearly 2000 square meters of space for customers to do with a pet beauty products and also give the pet to buy. "To 80 yuan a bottle of hair spray, combs 200 yuan, and good hair cream is to reach a thousand dollars." Zhang a live demonstration of the professional beauty tools, and introduced a professional personal care processes. Check pets, pine comb hair, trimming nails, cleaning ears, washing, drying, trimming, these seemingly mundane tasks done take an hour or two. Modeling in the dog to poodle, for example, there are hundreds of shapes for customers selection. Today, Zhang can be a beauty shop in annual sales of 150 million, more than 700 members. Upgraded to mention the beauty shop, a confidential briefing Korea anion 4,000 yuan, 1,200 yuan a professional pair of scissors, which is in high spirits attract more customers, sales in the first month after the upgrade twelve thousand. "" Pet Health Care Pet Hospital, private doctors Surgery to be signed by the owner Circle in the pet, many people like dogs, into the room this line, Sujin is a classic. Starting from the year-old dog, learning is another health care professional, in 2002, just graduated from Su Jin and her husband opened in Wuhan to Hong Kong Pet Hospital. 24-hour pet hospital clinic "In the beginning is the rule of thumb diagnosis, drug prescription drips." Although the technical education, but Sujin has been to Beijing, Shanghai and other places for further studies. Wuhan, pet health care industry was in its infancy, not more than 10 stores, mostly "millet plus rifles," a doctor, an earpiece, forty or fifty thousand investment, opened clinics. "Every day dogs received forty-five doctor." Sujin said, sick dogs need treatment, the pet hospital operator rigid demand, opening up shop after the business was good, charges for playing bottle drip fifty to eighty yuan, a lot of Friends can accept pets. In order to improve the treatment rate in 2004, Su Jin introduced a blood analyzer, which is the first pet Wuhan, medical equipment, a full time business. "One-day peak of 40 dogs received the vaccine, three or four every afternoon before lunch." Sujin said, when the pet hospital inpatient setting, the dog was seriously ill, can be hospitalized, the hospital medical staff 24 hours. The market booming, attracting more investors to the influx. Particularly rosy all the way in 2005 Kennel, a dog speculation to 20 million, for a time, Wuhan opened twelve hundred pet hospital. "Price war, shoddy, these are inevitable." Sujin that are used to, she said that he is a technology live pet hospital, medication has effect only repeat customers, the price will only become better and wear. Pet owners have to sign an operation 2008 Sujin Flower Market opened in the beach house animal hospital in Wuhan, football, including B-, blood analyzers and other instruments, by special operations area, put up to 50 million. "Dog doctor, there will be a detailed laboratory test report in advance the risk, do anesthesia, surgery, dog owners agree to sign." Sujin said, eight years, the number of pet hospitals steady growth in 2005, pet breeding peak, only to pet hospital pet sick. Pet owners are mainly medical consciousness, more and more attention on pet health, driving the medical market. According to Wuhan City Kennel Association, now there are 100-200 pet hospital in Wuhan, but the equipment does not exceed 10. Sujin said, the industry in raising barriers to entry, in addition to have the Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau of vaccination certificate issued three certificates, etc. In addition, practitioners need to have professional veterinary certificate, the market gradually standardized. Sujin again this year, North Lake opened stores, including pet hospitals, beauty, and supplies, Xishui, Huanggang, Zhuxi pet friendly areas also came to see a doctor for medical treatment. Also recently launched a private pet doctors can come to provide services. "More and more pet friendly and generous, even if bought 300 dogs, will spend 3,000 yuan to see a doctor."
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