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Tianjin city folk enjoy the dog-breeding Carnival
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Fit and lively golden retriever dog, naive Chow Chow, Collie Scottish elegant posture ... ... Yesterday, the sports center, nearly became the only dog lead. This weekend, the 2010 China Global Public canine social responsibility Forum and the World famous dogs Carnival held at the Castle, Castle in the dog have the opportunity to close the public enjoy the wonderful performance of the world's dog-breeding animal behaviorist to learn how to be a "good dog people." Yesterday, reporters saw a large pavilion at the site being Golden Retriever and Chow Chow dogs separate development, the dogs traction in the examiner performing the following teams standing, sitting and running, professionally trained obedient dog, so Xu Many people come here especially for the dog love endless, not only a camera constantly taking pictures, it is surrounded by an international certification of animal behaviorists, dog behavior to ask the right action and beauty activities. It is learned that in order to "build a public platform for dogs to awaken awareness of social responsibility; improve the urban management system, promote international cooperation and exchange" for the mission in 2010, China's global social responsibility and community forums dogs will loyalty culture Urban dog management, pet economy, a harmonious coexistence of humans and dogs a series of issues. October 23 to 24 forum earlier, colorful world of dog-breeding activities in the Tianjin Sports Center Carnival in full swing: In addition to Matches in the Han Guanjun dogs, agility competitions, will add the appeal of dog training good citizens, dog training, disaster relief activities in a variety of topics, can be described as "pretty", "fun" and "studious." Tonight, the second most exciting finals in the Han Guanjun Tournament and fifth gold dog collar Dog Championship International Championship in Tianjin Sports Center will also be started.
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