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Of the doggie that just is born nurse
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One, doggie from be born to ablactation, in 45 days or so. This period basically notices: Heat preservation, prevent pressure, eat sufficient colostrum. (the doggie that just was born, antibody cannot produce inside their body, because this should eat sufficient colostrum as far as possible. )

2. Want to note development case. Had better say to weigh regularly, after general doggie is born inside 5 days, daily weightening finish is average 50 grams left and right sides, be in 6 to 10 days, 70 grams control daily weightening finish, from 11 days later, if mother milk is insufficient, the weight of the doggie grows speed to may drop, say to weigh regularly, can understand secrete breast ability of the mother from the metabolic circumstance of weight, decide whether artificial compensatory milk thereby.
Filling breast: Give priority to with bright milk or ovine grandma. After wanting to be disinfected via boil, feed with feeder, temperature with 20 - 30 Celsius are advisable.

Filling grandma measures: 15 days of less than, every filling grandma 50 milliliter. 15 - 20 days of filling grandmas 100 milliliter. 20 fill in the future suckle 200 milliliter. Daily 3 - 4. (if do not have bright grandma,usable milk powder is replaced to water. )

3, the doggie is in after be born:
Be born jian hou mian 4 days, want to often be looked carefully at, careful dog mom presses a doggie. The fine day that bright sunshine and gentle breeze encounters after 5 days is angry, hold the doggie in the arms outdoor bask together with dog mom, general semidiurnal, every time half hours or so. Make its achieve the breathing fresh air, ultraviolet ray in using sunshine, kill development of the bacterium that goes up personally, stimulative skeleton, with lest disease. When can walk, can arrive outdoor go, begin time to want short, later but gradually lengthen.

After be born 13 days or so, doggie ability opens an eye, want to avoid strong light stimulus right now, lest injure doggie eye.

In 9 - 12 days begin goggle hind, can be in the grandma feed dish in for lap. (although some doggies are goggle, but or won't oneself lick. )

20 days or so, a few rice water, congee can be joined in the grandma.

After 20 days, encounter sunny weather, mom letting a dog is taking a doggie to arrive inside the courtyard (premise is you have a courtyard) activity, time can not be restricted, to in the evening or room of farewell of day of overcast and rainy. If the doggie is drenched by rain wet, want to be wiped with dry towel immediately. Notice heat preservation, prevent a cold.

20 days or so can cut toenail to the doggie, the breast of mom of dog of the claw when sucking the breast with preventing a doggie to be in.

After 25 days, can again mix into enters boiling water of a few broth, food, the quantity can increase to 200 milliliter to control gradually.

After 30 days, can add broken ripe meat, every time 15 - 20 grams. After 35 days, the quantity still can increase.
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