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Should dog dog feed add salt
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If the mankind lacks salinity easy exhaustion, the dog is same also not only easy exhaustion and Yi Yi causes what growing sex backwater, skin does dry, superficial knowledge more easily to fall off etc, according to NRC (feed nutrition standard of the United States) the standard is worth a proposal, contain moisture content normally in the dry dog food of 10% , the requirement amount of salt is due 1% above, this that is to say 1kg weight dog, the dry thing that wants everyday asks the quantity is 22g, so need to have 242mg after salt classics business accounting, alone does content to ask the quantity is 14~15g normally actually, because this accord quantity approximate of actual salt is every 1kg weight / everyday necessary quantity wants 165mg only enough.

According to conversion of this kind of means, criterion the salt that the wolf dog of 35kg needs 6g/ day only, and of the salt of food of dry dog of general city carry out cooperate to lead classics analysis, approximate is in 1.4% the left and right sides should be already enough, if still send the relevant symptom that existing salt lacks to happen, might as well increase in the in a way in its food again can, but unfavorable more than 2% , i.e. becomes canine food with in the limit of of 1 day of 8g, the friend that has experience of course is met in order to water in, of weekly and removed sex cast appropriately grant salt is feasible also.

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