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Give dog dog a few attention that bathe
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Often bathing to the dog is the serious content that the dog raises management, wash bath appropriately to make the dog keeps cleanness, sanitation, beautiful not only, and the health of promotional dog.

Of the doggie bathing is to be born after Feburary, above of two weeks after inoculate against needle just begins. The dog that raises outdoor is washed one year 3 come 4 times, indoor raise criterion 20 days come a month advisable. The skin of the dog perspires easily in that way unlike the mankind, do not need to often bathe.

It should let take a walk before bathing, let its eduction make water and cent excrement and urine, undertake bathing by order next. Put the doggie in Wen Shui of ℃ of 36 ℃ ~38, eliminate the secretion near anus first. Immerse sponge in dilute in the shampoo of a few times, wash the whole body backward from the head next, later, clean it clean with clear water. The attention does not let shampoo water enter eye, nose and mouth.

But ill dog, young dog (before 3 months) do not bathe to them. Because function of body of ill dog, young dog is poorer, disease-resistant force is weaker, bathe right now, can accentuate not only illness, cause a cold extremely easily still.
Make already healthy dog, bathing time also should choose at noon to arrive before the dusk, of the dog be wanted by wool completely cool dry.

Ill dog, young dog if by wool smudgy, usable comb is combed a few times gently or brush with towel try clean can.

In littoral amuse oneself swim perhaps drench rain the dog dog that come back must bathe.

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