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Bone of gallinaceous duck goose cannot feed a dog
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The dog loves to gnaw bone, and feeding habits likes deglutition. If contain the bone of fleshy flavour, without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, according to swallow not by accident, in all receiving an abdomen completely. The dog also likes very much to bone of gallinaceous duck goose, but you want to notice, these birds kind bone is unsuited feed a dog. Because of birds kind character is very strong, and long and thin, the lane when the dog is devouring is bad to be in with respect to meeting card throat or esophagus. Especially a few small-sized dogs, pharynx and larynx and esophagus are fine, often happen to be pricked by bone of gallinaceous duck goose wear or get stuck and fatal accident. Even if a few large dogs can these bone crunch, bone fragment has a lot of arris to prick, swallow the dog after the stomach is medium to cannot be digested, the gastric bowel mucous membrane that its arris thorn still can stab a dog and cause traumatic sex gastroenteritis. So, outside can be being gnawed to the dog besides pig, arrogant a few big bone, general birds kind bone does not feed a dog.

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