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Design ideal small home to beloved pet
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Milanese · Kun Dela says: "The coupling that the dog is we and heaven... the dusk in beauty, with the dog sit in river side side-by-side, be like regain Eden. " since had pet, affection world of the mankind becomes no longer only I alone honour, some more soft, dinkum and say not clear thing, say with respect to the host that resembles the cat that add phenanthrene " the cat is actually one group is mixed in human home to cheat eat cheat drunk extraterrestrial " -- although this is pet people substaintial, but we still ground of be most willing to is paid for them. If you think,give pet a perfect shelter, be about to prepare from your home begins to decorate, need little change to be able to help feline slave, dog slaves fulfil a wish only.

Design piece

Give pet a home, want take into account not only its demand, and the harmony that wants attention and bedroom environment.

Fossa is optimal set a location

Doghole: If your home bedroom is in relief stage area is quite large, warmth retention property is good, can put doghole on the balcony, such dog dogs can breathe fresh air already, be helpful for master Morpheus again. Size of choice wood kennel is best with 0.5~0.7 square metre advisable, it is OK that large of course dog spreads a carpet. If you hope dog dog sleeps in the bedroom in the evening, fear doghole does not have a place to put again, that acquires doghole of type of tent of a collapsible.

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